Rambling On ~

Hello Peoples! July went galloping by so quickly! My word! The weather has been wonderful, but hot days are returning. ⛱☀ Oh well. Bring it on! I can do this.

Finished Reading ~

Betsy by Sarah Monzon

Sewing In SoCal #5

Betsy is the last book in a series of romantic comedies. All five romantic comedies are fun to read. I enjoyed all of them and highly recommend them. There is Molly, Jocelyn, Nicole, Amanda and Betsy. Try to read them in order. 😉

Your Favorites At The Cottage In July ~

July 5, 2022 ~ Top Five Tuesday ~ Top 5 Anticipated Reads for July ~ September

July 10, 2022 ~ The Classics Club Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

July 13, 2022 ~ Evil In Emerald by A. M. Stuart

The new, the improved, the snazzy, the dazzling and amazingly bright new concrete job on our carport is finished! YAY! That was certainly *ahem* interesting. I’m not certain which part in the process was the most interesting??? It’s a toss-up. Was it supporting the carport??? Or! Was it the big concrete truck backing into our driveway and pouring the new, wet concrete into our carport space??? Such excitement! And now, we are going to finish cleaning the basement. We’re 75% finished. It’s been a busy July. I’m very thankful the temperatures were cooler when the concrete guys worked. That is such a hot job. I didn’t want it to be 100 degrees when they brought such excitement to our humble abode.

And! That’s it for now.


Much love ~



2 thoughts on “Rambling On ~

  1. I agree, July went zooming by. I can’t believe summer is half over already. Exciting that you got your carport finished. Enjoy your week, Kathy.

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