The Classics Club ~ The Song Of The Lark by Willa Cather

Great Plains Trilogy #2

Thea Kronborg is a young girl growing up in Moonstone, Colorado. She is from a large family, her mother giving birth to the seventh child, Thor, at the beginning of the story. Thea’s Aunt Tillie lives with the Kronborg family and Thea’s father is a preacher. Thea has musical talent and in The Song of the Lark the reader follows Thea’s journey to become a professional singer. In Moonstone she has individuals in the community who support her in her musical endeavors, Ray Kennedy, Aunt Tillie, Fred Ottenberg and Dr. Archie.

Professor Wunsch is her early music teacher in Moonstone. Sadly, he drinks too much. Her mother is supportive of her musical endeavors and has a room added on to their family home to accommodate Thea as she teaches piano lessons to children. She was a teenager when the door opens for her to travel to Chicago for more advanced music lessons. From an early age, she was a singer, but in Chicago she discovers her voice is her uncommon talent.

Until I read this book, I couldn’t imagine the determination, strength of character and hard work it would take to become an internationally known opera singer. I loved Thea and was happy to travel on her journey with her. She came from such humble roots. She was rich with siblings, but that was about all the family had. There came a time when Thea left home, never to return. She had very little money and was required to work because of her lack of finances, but she persevered, worked hard and kept on.

I highly recommend this book. Willa Cather wrote wonderful descriptions, and the character development shines throughout the book. This is a three-book series, and I am reading the books in order, however, that’s not necessary. Each book stands alone. O Pioneers! is the first in the series and My Antonia is the third book in the series.

Happy Reading!

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