The Classics Club ~ Episode of the Wandering Knife by Mary Roberts Rinehart

Episode of the Wandering Knife by Mary Roberts Rinehart is a collection of three short stories ~ mysteries! They were all good and I highly recommend all three.

In the first mystery, Episode of the Wandering Knife, while attending a party of 300 people, a woman is stabbed. The police are seriously questioning her husband. There is a tassel on a silver chain, a knife and a photograph as clues. For an inanimate object, that knife sure gets around. Oh yes, I don’t want to forget the mysterious man named King. He’s an enigma. It’s an excellent mystery and I did not solve it. I thought the family of the victim was entertaining and the story seemed to have a light-hearted quality. Although there were moments when the reader is creeping stealth-like in the dark with a character in the story. Good mystery. The conclusion might surprise you.

The Man Who Hid His Breakfast is the second mystery. A woman is strangled around 3:00 in the morning and the evidence seems to point to her daughter. The Inspector is a good man and has many years of experience. In fact, this is his last case. He will be retiring. With a bellowing commissioner at headquarters, the Inspector perseveres and solves the crime. Good mystery!

The third and final mystery is The Secret. Tony is a troubled young woman. She’s been acting strangely, and her family thinks she’s crazy. Tony was engaged to be married and quite suddenly the wedding is canceled, leaving the groom and everyone else puzzled and wanting an explanation. Odd behavior and silence is the order of the day with Tony. She isn’t happy and there is no indication that this strange and stressful situation will get any better. The family lived in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and her relatives suspect Tony’s odd behavior and choices have something to do with her experience at Pearl Harbor. Inspector Fuller has been interested in this troubling situation for a while. When a family member falls down the stairway, he speaks with Hilda, a nurse. She agrees to go undercover into the home and investigate while caring for the lady who tumbled down the stairs.

I was totally and completely puzzled. I had no idea what was troubling Tony. It was a good mystery. Hilda does solve the mystery! I did not.

I kept these three reviews brief because they are short stories, and I didn’t want to create spoilers. All three stories are well written. Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “The Classics Club ~ Episode of the Wandering Knife by Mary Roberts Rinehart

  1. I have never read any Mary Roberts Rinehart. I was glad to read your review because I had heard that her mysteries can be a bit more like horror that what I normally like to read. Nice review!

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