Greetings From the Frozen Tundra ~

Hello Peoples! Today I braved the cold and went Christmas shopping. It was cold! Wow! I’m getting frost bite thinking about it. *haha*

So, I stopped at the bookstore for a hot tea. A few minutes after I sat down with my book and my tea a female college student sat down at a table very close to me. A few minutes later a male college student sat down near her. He started a conversation with the lady. It was clear, he was interested in getting to know her. He introduced himself and she told him her name. He did most of the talking. He asked her questions and she politely answered. I glanced at her a couple of times and her body language told me she was closed to him.

You might ask, what happened next?

Thank-you for asking.

He sang her a song! I was surprised. He had a great voice. He sang her a song!🎡

A few minutes after he finished singing, she got a phone call. After the phone call, she quickly said she had to leave. It was important. She left in a hurry and never looked back.

Enjoy the Season!

Much love ~



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