Day 23 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Affairs of Steak by Julie Hyzy

A White House Chef Mystery

Our White House Executive Chef Olivia aka Ollie is working with Peter Everett Sargeant to find a venue for a birthday party for the secretary of state. Peter and Ollie are not friends, to say the least. Ollie seems to trip over dead bodies everywhere she goes, however, this is Peter’s first experience. That’s right, the two of them together discover a dead body. And! Not only one poor individual has been discovered murdered when a second body is found dead. And! The two of them may have seen the killer flee the scene of said crime.

There is a lot happening in this White House Chef mystery. Someone is trying to sabotage Peter. Peter may be a pain, but he works hard and knows his job, and someone is out to get him. Ollie decides to help discover who is after Peter. At the same time, Ollie and Peter try to stick together to stay alive. Someone is following Ollie and it seems someone wants them both dead.

This was a good mystery. I’ve liked all of the White House Chef Mysteries. In the past, Ollie is so busy she meets herself coming and going. She is busier in this book. It’s well-written and moves along at a good pace. There is a small amount of humor in this mystery. This series is normally very serious. I was surprised when I found myself chuckling. And! Bump guy! I chuckled every time I read it.

If you haven’t read this series, I recommend it!

Happy Reading!

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