Day 24 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello Peoples! I am having a great morning. I met my friend L at a coffee shop, and we had a good visit. She spoils me. She gives me gifts and crafts and all manner of fun stuff. This morning she gave me, two books, a movie, a framed Christmas picture, earrings and Narnia items and one of the books in the series. She gave me Snoopy and Scooby bandages! haha! A few weeks ago, I was looking for Snoopy or Scooby bandages and couldn’t find any. She found some and gave them to me! That is so fun.

The Books She Gave Me ~

The Portrait of A Lady by Henry James

Sunflower Sisters by Martha Hall Kelly

Mmm??? I’ve never read these books. I will probably read them later in 2023. Have you read either of them? What are your thoughts???

She also gave me I Still Believe (2020). I’ve never seen this movie either.

Have a great day. Stay warm and toasty!

Much Love ~



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