Day 27 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello Peoples! How are peoples today? It is cold here today. We have a wind chill. We have fresh snow and it’s supposed to snow again tonight.

Things I do to be warm and cozy ~

~ Bake! I bake in the winter more frequently than the summer. I also make soup in the winter months. The oven is on and it helps warm the house and the scent of baking bread or simmering soup is so warming.

~ Scented candles. We have a great candle shop in the town we live in. They make their own soy candles, and the scent is so warm and cozy. I enjoy burning candles in the winter.

~ Rick and I play Scrabble and Yahtzee in the evenings during the long winter days. We seem to have more fun with Yahtzee.

~ I wrap up like a warm burrito and watch movies in the evenings.

~ There is always sitting by the fire writing in a journal, reading books and magazines and blogging.

~ My favorite home away from home is the bakery. It’s always so warm and friendly with tasty treats. I think it has a family kitchen atmosphere.

What do you do during the long days of winter??? Share in the comments below. Don’t be shy.

Much Love ~



2 thoughts on “Day 27 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

  1. Like you I like to wrap up like a burrito in the evenings and watch a movie or read. Sometimes I will make a cup of tea. When it’s really cold, I like to use a heated throw. Your suggestions are great! It is really cold here too and going to get colder.

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