Day 28 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello Peoples! It’s snowing and our temperature is below zero. I plan to stay home all day. I have homemade whole wheat bread with honey rising in the kitchen. I made it early this morning. I make bread the old-fashioned way. I don’t use a bread machine or any such modern conveniences.

Yesterday I went to the bakery and read my book for two hours. I should finish reading it today, while the bread is baking.

Have a great day peoples! Stay warm and toasty!

Much Love ~



4 thoughts on “Day 28 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

  1. There is something about making bread yourself. I love the kneading, feeling it as it smooths out, listening to the air bubbles pop and snap as you roll it out, smelling it bake. Enjoy!

  2. I made whole wheat bread this morning too. I use a breadmaker, but just for the dough cycle, then put it in a regular pan. I do sometimes do it the old fashioned way too. It is such a great smell while it is baking.

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