Top Five Tuesday ~ Five Shortest Books

Hello Peoples! Today on Top Five Tuesday we are sharing short books we have read. These aren’t listed in any particular order, in fact, The Eternal Savage and O Pioneers! are my favorites of the five. I did enjoy the Wind in the Willows.

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Lady at the Window by Robert Waldron, 128 pages!

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, 178 pages!

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, 165 pages

O Pioneers by Willa Cather, 159 pages

The Eternal Savage by Edgar Rice Burroughs, 191 pages!

Happy Reading!

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Woman In Shadow by Carrie Stuart Parks

Wow! In Woman In Shadow, the author transports the reader to an art resort near Yellowstone. Earthquakes, fires, a missing woman, two dogs, a mule, a female protagonist with sass and a stalwart deputy are all involved in the mystery. The art resort is experiencing “accidents.” Well, let me say, buckle up, you’re in for quite a mystery with suspense, plenty of intrigue, danger and that person or persons unknown with plenty of nefarious intent. Good story!

Happy Reading!

Oh my word!

Hello Peoples! I lost track of time. Today is my blog’s birthday! 🎂🍦🎈 It’s 9 years old! When I started this blog, I had no idea I would still be going strong 9 years later! Thanks to all of my followers, readers, and visitors!

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Duplicate Death by Georgette Heyer

Hello Peoples! It snowed all night. I woke up a couple of times and looked out the window and it was definitely snowing. Yesterday as the snow came down, I read a book by one of my favorite authors!

I found this book at a used bookstore whilst we were traveling, and it is well read! It’s tattered and torn and I think a dog might have read it once! 😉🐶

Mrs. Haddington is having a bridge party. It was a good size bridge party, plenty of suspects. Well, you guessed it. One of her guests was called to the telephone. When he did not return, Mrs. Haddington sent someone to locate him and bring him back to the party. He was holding up the bridge game. He was discovered dead. Murdered! How rude! Fear not, Chief Inspector Hemingway is on the case, and I liked him! He was a good detective, and he didn’t tolerate any nonsense. During the investigation the reader becomes well acquainted with the Chief Inspector. However, my favorite character was Timothy. He was amusing. He is madly in love with Beulah, secretary to Mrs. Haddington. Cynthia is Mrs. Haddington’s daughter, and she is spoiled. Histrionics is the word I would use to describe Cynthia.

It was quite a challenge for the Chief Inspector to interview and sift through all the truths, lies and secrets. When all is said and done, he revealed that person or persons unknown. For a while there I thought, the butler did it??? Good mystery! I liked it.

Happy Reading!

Top Five Tuesday ~ Biggest Books I’ve read!

Hello Peoples! I missed Top Five Tuesday, so I’m participating today! We are experiencing blizzard conditions outside, so I’m staying home today and reading a book by Georgette Heyer. On with BIG BOOKS! For more information on Top Five Tuesday, just click on the link below ~

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

This is one BIG book. Very BIG! I read the unabridged version, over 1000 pages! HUGE!

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

WOW! BIG book!

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

Another BIG book!

Conventions The Garden At Paris by R. J. Nello

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

And, there you have it. I think those are the biggest books I’ve ever read! 📚

What is the biggest book you’ve ever read? I have read the Bible. 🙂💖

Have you read any of the books I’ve listed above?

Much Love ~


Murder, She Wrote The Maine Mutiny by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

Hello Peoples! We are in a thick snowstorm right now. We are safe and warm by the fire. Yesterday I read The Maine Mutiny. It was good. I liked it. The mystery starts out a little different. There is a prologue. Jessica is unconscious on a lobster boat drifting in the ocean. Not good. It instantly grabbed my attention. I had to keep reading to discover how Jessica got into this difficult situation??? Someone has nefarious intent. And then, chapter one begins two weeks earlier.

The bustling community of Cabot Cove is planning the first Cabot Cove Lobster Festival. Jessica is writing an article, about the lobstermen, for the newspaper. Everyone is involved in the preparations, however, there are problems with the lobstermen. Not good.

I found this book at a used bookstore and I’m glad I bought it. This is a good mystery. It was well-written, suspenseful, with conflict and of course, old friends we have come to know in Cabot Cove. Highly recommend!

Happy Reading!

The Cliff’s Edge by Charles Todd

A Bess Crawford Mystery

Melinda Crawford, Bess Crawford’s cousin, has a friend who requires surgery. The war is over, Bess is restless. She agrees to travel to Yorkshire to care for Lady Beatrice while she is recovering from surgery. Everything is going fine, when an unexpected message arrives for Lady Beatrice. There has been a terrible accident, the Neville family, close friends of Lady Beatrice, are involved and Lady Beatrice convinces Bess to travel to Scarfdale where one man is dead, and another is seriously injured. When Bess arrives, she discovers the situation is difficult, at best. As Bess cares for the injured man, she becomes acquainted with the inhabitants of the home where she is staying, asking questions and trying to put together the pieces of a difficult puzzle. Then, there is a murder.

I enjoy the Bess Crawford mysteries. I have kept up with this series. Bess is a warm character. She’s intelligent, observant, kind, and a caring nurse. Now that the war is over she’s restless. She seems to need purpose, direction in her life. Simon, her lifelong friend continues to live in the cottage near Bess’s home she shares with her mother and dad, the Colonel Sahib.

I thought this mystery was challenging. It involved two families. And, everyone seemed to be hiding something. I thought it was well-written, well thought out and complicated. That’s the way I like mysteries.

I highly recommend this series for anyone. Please, read the series in order.

Happy Reading!

Tarzan and the Forbidden City by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Gregory, two years earlier, journeyed into the jungle and was never heard from again. His dad, Paul d’Arnot and sister, Helen were worried about him and traveled to the jungle of Africa to find the missing Gregory. Paul has a map that will take him and Helen to The Forbidden City where it is rumored there is the Father of Diamonds. Although Paul has no interest in the diamond, he believes his son went to this city, so he asks Tarzan to guide him through the jungle to the forbidden city to find his son.

Although Tarzan does not know the location of the lost city, Paul d’Arnot is a friend, so he agrees to help him.

There are people with nefarious motives. They want to locate the forbidden city and the diamond.

There is never a dull moment with Tarzan. This book is all adventure. Tarzan faces lions, a very large lizard, water creatures, and ruthless people. Helen and Magra, our female protagonists, are amazing. They are captured and treated poorly; however, I would not categorize them as damsels in distress. They face the same challenges as the men and survive.

Do you like adventure in the jungle? Do you like Tarzan? This book is for you.

Happy Reading!

Happy Valentine’s Day Peoples! I love Valentine’s Day. *sigh*

Finished Reading ~

Murder, She Wrote Murder on the QE2 by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

Murder, She Wrote #9

Jessica was asked to write a mystery play and give two lectures on the art of mystery. In return for her services, she will receive a free crossing on the QE2. Well! Who would pass that up??? The play will be performed as one of the entertainments on the cruise with audience participation. Murder follows Jessica everywhere she goes. After getting settled in on the ship, as she is walking on the deck with her new friend Mary, they discover the body of a woman. Yes, she is dead. Murder! Well, as Jessica and Mary investigate, she discovers secrets, a past murder which was never solved and plenty of suspects. But! It’s not over. Someone is missing, believed dead. Jessica and Mary are kept busy as they work together to solve this puzzling mystery.

I thought this mystery had elements of one of Agatha Christie’s mysteries. I enjoyed it, very much. I almost read it straight through. Mary was a nice addition to the story. She was alert, watchful and smart. Highly recommend!

Happy Reading!

Vinyl Resting Place by Olivia Blacke

The Record Shop Mysteries

This is a good start to a new series! Juni, Maggie and Tansy are enjoying the grand opening of their record/coffee shop. It’s a huge success too. After the last person leaves, the sisters are cleaning up when a dead body is discovered in the broom closet. Not good. Poor Uncle Calvin, a rascally fellow, is arrested. Using the shop as collateral, the sisters spring Uncle from jail. Uncle walks out and disappears. Calvin, Calvin, Calvin, what are we going to do with you??? The sisters decide to investigate.

I liked it. It was a good cozy mystery set in a small town in Texas! I liked Juni, Maggie and Tansy. They were certainly there for one another. The characters were fun and lively and in one another’s business. Teddy is a great addition to the story; however, I did NOT like Beauregard. That’s right, his name is Beauregard. I didn’t resist, I looked up the meaning of his name. It’s actually of French origin and means beautiful gaze. How interesting. The story is well-written and kept me guessing. I didn’t solve the mystery. Harumph. 😉 I thought the story was light-hearted, humorous and fun. I recommend it for anyone who likes a cozy mystery!

Happy Reading!