The Cape Cod Mystery by Phoebe Atwood Taylor

When I purchased this book, Phoebe Atwood Taylor (1909-1976) was new to me! She was apparently a popular author. It is certainly an interesting mystery.

When a man is discovered murdered, Bill Porter is accused of the nefarious crime. Bill asks Asey Mayo and Snoodles aka Prudence Whitsby to investigate and solve the nasty crime. As they investigate, they discover the deceased wasn’t a nice man at all. He had plenty of enemies. So, there were plenty of suspects. And! I thought it was an unorthodox mystery and investigation. Asey was a likable character. He did have unique methods of investigation and an interesting way of questioning people and getting at the truth. Snoodles was alright. I liked her. Asey did most of the investigating. They had their work cut out for them. There are sardines, a cat, a blanket and no murder weapon??? It was an entertaining mystery. I found myself chuckling off and on throughout the story. The names of the some of characters might get you to chuckle.

I am thinking of reading the second book in the Asey Mayo series. Apparently, the author wrote 24 novels with Asey investigating.

Happy Reading!

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