Classic Movie Friday!

Charlie Chan explains to Inspector Regan how a police detective's cigarette that has "died in infancy" suggests that a very difficult case is at hand. Publicity Still from Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936)

Charlie Chan At The Opera (1936)

Warner Oland

Boris Karloff

Keye Luke   Thomas Beck   Gregory Gaye   Frank Conroy

Charlotte Henry   Margaret Irving  Nedda Harrigan

William Demarest

I like Charlie Chan. My favorite actor to play Charlie is Sidney Toler, however, Warner Oland did a fine job in this classic film. My favorite Charlie Chan film is Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum. 

In Charlie Chan At The Opera, a dangerous man (Boris Karloff) escapes from a mental hospital after recovering his memory. He journeys to an opera house, where shortly after his arrival, two individuals are murdered. Charlie Chan has been called in to help solve the murders. It was good. I didn’t solve the mystery, but I did think that the escaped mental patient was being framed!

If you haven’t seen a Charlie Chan film I highly recommend you watch one! There’s mystery, creepy, humor and wise sayings.  🙂



Lunar Has An Adventure!

Oh my word! I have a BIG smile on my face. Rick and I went out for a treat this morning. We were returning home when we discovered a loose Bernese Mountain Dog wondering in the neighborhood near our home. She wasn’t full grown. She was a BIG puppy. Rick was driving and he stopped our truck. We both jumped out of the vehicle to rescue the dog. We were concerned she was going to get hit by a car!!! She was so sweet. She’s a very loving dog! We were friends instantly with this big puppy. Rick and I had her jump up into the back seat of our vehicle and we drove around looking for her home. She had a collar but no tags. We stopped and asked a few people if they knew who owned the dog. No one knew???  As we searched and asked questions and drove around, I noticed a woman and a man on the sidewalk. The woman looked up when she noticed our vehicle. Right at that moment, Lunar put her head out the window and the woman SMILED BIG!!! I knew right away, when I saw that happy expression, she was Lunar’s owner. Rick stopped our vehicle, we jumped out, and let Lunar out. She ran right to the woman. That’s when the owner told us, her name is Lunar. Then a husband and a little girl came running up to the dog. When Lunar saw the little girl, she ran straight to her and the two loved and hugged. A happy ending to a dog story!  🙂

Much love ~


A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano


Publication Date: July 31, 2018

Publisher: Revell

Complimentary copy from NetGalley through Revell.

I loved it! What an incredible story! Tressa Harlowe’s father always said, he had a fortune hidden somewhere. He promised to tell Tressa where the fortune was hidden before he died. Tressa and her mother are traveling when they receive a message they are to return home immediately. Upon their arrival they are informed Tressa’s father is dead!

I am still savoring this story. The reader is transported to Trevelyn Castle for a treasure hunt. Tressa is a strong heroine and very likable. Of course, there is a mysterious, masculine hero. Untrustworthy fortune hunters abound along with unhappy workers of the vineyard and creditors demanding payment. And! The analogies are wonderful. 5 ***** highly recommended stars! I am looking forward to the author’s next book!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Classic Movie Friday!

Shock 1946 19

Shock (1946)

Vincent Price

Lynn Bari

Anabel Shaw

Frank Latimore   Reed Hadley   Charles Trowbridge

Janet Stewart (Anabel Shaw) is eagerly waiting for her husband, Lt. Paul Stewart, (Frank Latimore), at a hotel. He’s been a prisoner of war. She thought  he was dead, but now she’s been notified he is alive. He is late arriving and Janet falls asleep in the hotel room. She has a bad dream which awakens her. Shortly after she is awake, she witnesses a man kill his wife in the next room. When her husband Paul arrives and finds her in a shocked condition, he telephones for the doctor. The doctor contacts Dr. Richard Cross, (Vincent Price) a psychiatrist. Dr. Cross is the same man who killed his wife in the next room. Of course, Dr. Cross’s nurse (Lynn Bari) is also the woman he loves.

Oh my word! This is a good film. I like Noir films though. What Dr. Cross put Janet though was horrible. I was cheering for Janet the entire film, hoping she would live through the terrible ordeal. Her husband Paul was so worried about his wife. I was sitting on the edge of my seat wanting the film to hurry so I could see the ending. Vincent Price is not my favorite actor, but he was in some interesting films! Highly recommended.

Ramblings and What Not ~

Hello Peoples! June is almost gone. It was a great month. I hope June was as fun for you as it was for me.

I love a campfire! Sitting around a campfire and relaxing the evening away is one of my favorite things to do, any time of the year, and we do have a firepit in our backyard. If the mornings are cool, Rick will start a fire in the mornings and evenings. This summer we’ve been able to start and enjoy many fires in our backyard, when we’re at home. It’s been nice.  🙂

As you know, we went on a refreshing, short vacation to North Dakota! Do you think barns are interesting? Strange question? When we were in North Dakota, we saw this interesting barn in the small town of Fort Ransom, outside the state park. I took a photo. Isn’t that a great barn???

A friend of ours was doing the road trip and visited us on her journey. She drove on to the Black Hills, Wyoming and Montana and had a fun time. It was so good to see her and hear about her journey!  🙂

I want to direct your attention to a fun blogger. Jog on over to   and meet Tam! She loves, reads and reviews mysteries! Don’t be shy.  🙂

Oh my word! We have a new ice cream shop in town. It’s within walking distance to our home! NO! NO! NO!  🙂  A chef owns this amazing shop and makes the ice cream and gelatos fresh daily!

Your favorites at the cottage in June ~

6-8 Classic Movie Friday! And Then There Were None (1945)

6-8 The Sunflower Girl by Rosanna Chiofalo

6-19 Fort Ransom, North Dakota

6-20 Fort Ransom State Park, North Dakota ~ continued

Looking forward to July!

Much love ~




The Lost Sister by Tracy Buchanan

Publication Date: July 20, 2018

Publisher: Bookouture

Complimentary copy from NetGalley through Bookouture.

Becky’s author mother left her and her dad when Becky was a young girl. Years later, Becky’s mother contacts her, informing her daughter, now a veterinarian, that she is dying. Becky goes to her mother’s bedside. Before she dies, she tells Becky she has a sister. It doesn’t take long for Becky to decide to find her sibling.

I loved Becky. I thought she was an endearing character and she was committed to locating the sister she didn’t know. Becky certainly traveled to some interesting locations and met some interesting characters in search of her sister. This book captured my attention and held it, but I am sorry to say, it had some tough profanity and adult content in it. It is a mystery with some surprises and at one point I jumped out of the chair I was sitting in. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book quite like this one.

3 *** stars!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bookouture through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.