Death In The Family by Tessa Wegert

Death in the Family

A Shana Merchant Novel

On Sale ~ February 18, 2020

A BIG thanks to Berkley Prime Crime!  🙂

“When a young woman wakes to find that not only is her boyfriend missing from their bed, but a pool of blood has been left in his place, local detective Shana Merchant is called to the scene. As she tries to make sense of the family’s intricately woven lies, a storm rolls in and progressively worsens. Trapped with a group of people she distrusts more with every passing minute, Shana must face the uncomfortable truth of a murderer being in the midst, especially when the unknown culprit strikes again.” ~ Berkley Prime Crime

There was so much about this mystery I liked. A group of people stranded on a private island. A storm prevents anyone from coming or going in the wind, high waves and sheeting rain. What an atmosphere! And! Most of these people are related. Dysfunctional family! However, the profanity was terrible. And! This is a mystery for adults. There are some very messy people in this mystery and an extremely messy crime scene.

But, this book really captured my attention and held it. It was difficult to put down. It was a riveting read with so much atmosphere, the presence of danger, the threatening climate inside the house, the pace, the storm’s presence and the trapped people all worked together nicely.

The detective Shana Merchant was dealing with her own stuff. An incident in her past caused her to doubt herself and an insane fiancé wasn’t helping her at all. Throughout most of the book, I wasn’t sure about her partner, Tim Wellington. Mmmm??? I don’t want spoilers, so, that is all!

Happy Reading!