The Classics Club ~ Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes


When I joined The Classics Club, I decided Don Quixote would be the first classic book I would read. I was in the mood for an adventure and when I read the description of the book, Don Quixote certainly sounded like a great adventure or misadventure. And it was! All 891 pages! Wowzer! I started reading the book, November 20, 2019 and I finished reading this amazing book at 1:05 pm ~ central time ~ December 19, 2019!

Forsooth ~

Don Quixote loved to read books about knights. Yes, he did read about their adventures and their exploits. Upon his reading, he became quite an expert on all things related to knights. So, he decided to brandish a sword, dress himself in armor, acquire a mighty steed, Rocinante, and travel on a journey, over hill and over dale, as any honorable knight would do, along with his squire, Poncho and his donkey, Dapple.  🙂  Don Quixote righted wrongs, rescued damsels in distress, fought and beheaded giants, faced enchantments and brought about justice, always remembering to adhere to the order of chivalry.

“This was no other, than full persuasion, that it was highly expedient and necessary, not only for his own honour, but also for the good of the public, that he should profess knight-errantry, and ride through the world in arms, seek adventures and conform in all points to the practice of those itinerant heroes, whose exploits he had read; redressing all manner of grivances, and courting all occasions of exposing himself to such dangers, as in the event would entitle him to everlasting renown.” (p. 14)

And Poncho, our unsung hero, sidekick and faithful squire, we learn ~

“About this time too the knight appealed to a peasant in the neighbourhood, a very honest fellow, if a poor man may deserve that title, but, one who had something missing upstairs. In short, he said, so much, used so many arguments to persuade, and promise him such mountains of wealth, that this poor simpleton determined to follow, and serve him in quality of squire.” (p.52)

And I journeyed with them. What was I thinking? *ahem* Some thought our brave hero, Don Quixote, crazy, but I thought he was eccentric with a vivid imagination. And! I thought Sancho, the realist.

He met many characters on his quest with Sancho, with a variety of beliefs and opinions, some wanting to cure his insanity, others wanting to join in the fun of his adventures and prolong the experience.  🙂

Don Quixote is not an easy book to read. It’s difficult! As with any adventure, at times I was completely captivated by the story and couldn’t put it down. At other times, as I read the book, it dragged and lost my attention. There were times when I read something and when finished I thought, what did I just read? I laughed so many times and I enjoyed most of the characters.

There are a considerable amount of footnotes that do help understand the story. I think I read every footnote and I appreciated them.

Have you read Don Quixote? I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on this lengthy book.

Happy Reading!