Classic Movie Friday!

Give Me a Sailor (1938) Bob Hope, Martha Raye, Betty Grable

Give Me A Sailor (1938)

Bob Hope

Martha Raye

Betty Grable

Jack Whiting

So! Let me get this straight. Jim Brewster (Bob Hope) and Walter Brewster (Jack Whiting) are brothers, both are in the Navy. Nancy Larkin (Betty Grable) thinks she is in love with Walter Brewster. Letty Larkin (Martha Raye) believes she is in love with Walter Brewster. However, Jim Brewster believes he is in love with Nancy Larkin. Yes, Nancy and Letty are sisters. The Brewster brothers and the Larkin sisters all grew up together. Jim and Letty have plotted and schemed their entire lives so Jim and Nancy can be together and Letty and Walter can be together. There’s a picnic and a fancy dress both sisters want to wear, the dress belongs to Letty. There is a cooking contest with surprising results. There’s a trip to a fishing cabin. There are so many comical tangles, amusing twists and lighthearted turns in this story, it kept my head spinning.

This was the first time I had seen Martha Raye in a film. I didn’t know she could sing. She’s very good. Betty Grable can sing and do some dancing. Who knew?

When Rick and I finished watching this film, we just shook our heads!  🙂



While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax


Wendy Wax is a new to me author. One day I was perusing the books at the bookstore and I saw her books positioned on the shelves. I took a look at them. I didn’t purchase one that day, but I thought I would give one of her books a read. I found this book at a used book sale. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed this book. I’m not sure how I want to write a review on this story, but I’ll give it a good try.

Edward Parker is the concierge at the Alexander, a renovated “Beaux Arts and Renaissance Revival” apartment building in Atlanta. Edward wants to create a greater sense of community in the building, so he decides to host a viewing of the television show Downton Abbey once a week. There is food and drinks. They will start with season 1. He has a good response and this is where Samantha (married with a difficult background) Claire (the author) and Brooke (divorced, mother of two) meet and become friends.

I enjoyed getting to know Samantha, Claire and Brooke. I experienced so many emotions while I read this book. I didn’t like Brooke’s ex-husband at all. At times I felt like strangling *ahem* him. What he did to his lovely wife and two daughters was wrong. Samantha’s brother, Hunter, was a piece of work. I didn’t trust him the entire story, rightly so. I shake my head at him. Claire and her daughter were fun. The friendship of the three ladies and Edward was inspiring. This book is about so many things. There were several times in the story where I found myself putting the book down and venting to Rick about something that happened in the story. As I sit here entering this into the computer I have a big smile on my face. It was a satisfying story.

There is profanity and mild adult comments, so I recommend this book for adults. 4 **** stars. I will be reading books by this author in the future.

Ramblings and What Not ~

Hello Peoples. I hope all of you enjoyed August! I did.  🙂  And! I’m looking forward to September. I finished my goal for the Cozy Mystery Reading Challenge! I set a goal to read thirty (30) cozy mysteries in 2018. YAY!  I won’t list all thirty cozies, but I will list my favorites, in no particular order.

~ Chime and Punishment (Clock Shop Mystery #3) by Julianne Holmes

~ Live and Let Fly (Kite Shop Mystery #2) by Clover Tate

~ Kernel of Truth (Popcorn Shop Mystery #1) by Kristi Abbott

~ The Hour of Death (Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery #2) by Jane Willan

~ Twas the Knife Before Christmas (A Christmas Tree Farm Mystery) by Jacqueline Frost

~ Death In Dark Blue (A Writer’s Apprentice Mystery #2) by Julia Buckley

~ A Dark and Twisting Path (A Writer’s Apprentice Mystery #3) by Julia Buckley

~ Murder In An English Village (Beryl and Edwina Mystery #1) by Jessica Ellicott

~ Mayhem & Mass (A Sister Lou Mystery #1) by Olivia Matthews

It was great fun and I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I will have a 30 mystery goal in 2019.  🙂

And now! I would like to direct your attention to  She is one busy lady and she reviews books on her lovely blog. Skip on over and meet her! Stay awhile.

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Classic Movie Friday!

D23 Presents: The Six Degrees of Walt Disney and the 2013 Academy Awards

Mary Poppins (1964)

Julie Andrews   Dick Van Dyke

David Thomlinson  Glynis John

Matthew Garber   Karen Dotrice

Oh my word! I love Bert (Dick Van Dyke) in this film! I don’t remember the first time I saw this film, but I loved Dick Van Dyke. I love the entire film, but my favorite scene in the film is ~ Bert and the chimney sweeps are dancing on the roof tops!!! Love it! Rick likes the penguins. Well! Who doesn’t? If there was a classic film loved by so many, this is it!

I think we all know the story. Mr. Banks is a little uptight ~ to say the least.  🙂  The nanny has resigned and a new nanny (Julie Andrews) is on the doorstep after the other applicants blow away in the wind.  🙂   Who is this mysterious new nanny??? Well, Michael (Matthew Garber) and Jane (Karen Dotrice) are pleasantly surprised when the new nanny is so much more than they expected. She’s magical, mysterious and so much fun!!! The children along with Mary Poppins and Bert have fun, whimsical and magical adventures together. Jane and Michael share their enthusiasm with their stuffy father. And all does work out in the end.  🙂

This film is “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

Do you remember how old you were the first time you saw Mary Poppins?


Maggie Hope by Susan Elia MacNeal ~

Hello Peoples!  🙂  I must admit, I started reading Maggie Hope out of order. I’m really a, read the books in order type of person, however, I did read my first Maggie Hope through Netgalley and it was definitely out of order, but I enjoyed it immensely, so I went back to the beginning and started reading these interesting stories in order and here are the first two.


Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal is the first book in the series. When a woman, who works for Churchill, is murdered Maggie Hope is given her position. Maggie is qualified to work with British Intelligence, however, she is refused because she is a woman. So, she is a secretary/typist at 10 Downing Street. War is definitely on the horizon and this author describes it well.

“There were hundreds — thousands, it seemed — planes circling overhead, black insects against the sky, leaving silvery vapor trails against the blood-red clouds, darkening in the setting sun.” 

Oh yes. This book grabbed my attention and held it. Maggie works feverishly to help out in any way she can for the war effort, and working at number ten, she does have a level of clearance she couldn’t pass up, however, she is frustrated because she can do so much more.  She makes plenty of mistakes, but Churchill has taken a liking to her. I enjoyed reading about Churchill and getting to know the man. He was certainly an interesting individual. And! I liked him, although I think he would have intimidated me. The nightly bombings, the air raid sirens and droves of British citizens fleeing to the underground come alive in this story. There were a couple of surprises that caused me to shriek, that’s right shriek. *ahem* And! While the war is raging, Maggie wants answers about her parents. The story moves along at a good pace and in the end, it comes together nicely and quickly.

There is profanity in the book and briefly mentioned adult issues, so I would recommend, adults only.  4**** stars!



In Princess Elizabeth’s Spy, when Maggie completes her training with MI5, she is told she didn’t pass the physical/endurance part of the training. She is disappointed. She was eager to be dropped at the front and gather information for the British. However, the reader travels with Maggie to Windsor Castle where Maggie has been given the task of tutoring the young Princess in mathematics! Maggie is a highly skilled code-breaker and extremely gifted in mathematics. Life at Windsor Castle is dangerous and when the body of a young woman is discovered dead, as the result of a riding accident, the Royal family is in peril and Maggie must remain alert and work to save King and country.

Really good story. I enjoyed traveling to the castle with Maggie and meeting the residents. The two young Princesses were charming. I focused trying to discover the identity of the Nazi spies. Maggie is certainly courageous and stepped forward into danger without a second thought as to her own safety, only thinking of ensuring the safety and well-being of others. She was stretched to the limit but her resilience was up for the task and saw her through each dire situation. 4 **** stars on goodreads. There is profanity in the story.

Happy Reading!

A Dark and Twisting Path by Julia Buckley


A Dark and Twisting Path is the third book in A Writer’s Apprentice Mysteries. I really like this series. It’s one of my favorite cozy mystery series!

“Writer’s apprentice Lena London is happily working on a new collaboration with her idol and best selling suspense novelist and friend Camilla Graham, but her joy is short-lived when a dark cloud descends upon the quaint town of Blue Lake, Indiana . . . ” ~goodreads

Lena’s best friend, Allison discovers a dead body while she is walking in the woods. The dead body turns out to be the letter carrier! Who would kill the mail carrier and why???

Oh yea! This is a good series. I love everything about it. I enjoy reading through the list of books by Camilla Graham at the beginning of the story. I like the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. I love the way there is a famous suspense author, Camilla Graham, in the story writing books while I am reading about her writing books! Camilla is a lovely lady. Lena is thrilled to be her assistant. She is included in the writing of Camilla’s books, making suggestions and working side by side with the novelist. And then, Sam West and Lena who are totally in love with one another, supporting and believing in one another, so nice. Belinda, the librarian, an unsung hero in the story. I love her. She’s so smart and when she researches someone or something, I do believe she could find the needle in the haystack!!! All the characters, Allison, Doug, Adam, along with the mystery make for a really good cozy series! 5***** stars!!!

A BIG THANK-YOU to Berkley Prime Crime for sending this book to me. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own!  🙂

27177392   31682759

Oh! Please, read them in order!  🙂

AND NOW for the winner of the drawing!

Jill you won! I’ll be contacting you soon. You won one copy of A Dark and Twisting Path. CONGRATULATIONS!!!



Christopher Robin ~

Christopher Robin (2018)

Christopher Robin (2018)

Ewan McGregor

Hayley Atwell

Bronte Carmichael

Jim Cummings   Brad Garrett   Nick Mohammed   Peter Capaldi   Sophie Okonedo   Sara Sheen   Toby Jones

Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) has lost his way. He’s an adult now. He has a wife, Evelyn (Hayley Atwell) and a daughter, Madeline (Bronte Carmichael) and he’s focused on his job and seems to be neglecting his family. In my opinion, he lost the wonder. The good news! Winnie the Pooh and friends help him find his way back.  🙂

Rick and I enjoyed this film. I cried for the first twenty minutes and later in the film I laughed, chuckled, smiled, held my breath and just plain enjoyed the film. It was probably a little slow, but it was so sweet. Adorable. It’s not just a movie for kids, but it brings out the kid in you.  🙂


Ramblings and What Not ~

Hello Peoples! I thought my friend, I will call her L, needed a fun day. So! What do you do when your friend needs a fun day??? You pile in the car and visit the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota!!! That’s right, there is a Spam Museum! You know the stuff ~ canned meat! As my neighbor would say, Never in all my born days!  🙂  


On the drive to Austin, Minnesota it rained HARD! was driving and she finally had to pull off the interstate. She didn’t have any visibility!!! It was terrible. She stopped at a truck stop/convenience store and we waited for the storm to pass. We did arrive safely, although delayed.  🙂

Inside the front door.

It was like stepping into an indoor carnival!



The Spam Museum has a Spam Around the World Display, a military display, and many facts about the meaty treat. I don’t eat meat at all, but I did enjoy the museum.  🙂  tried the teriyaki Spam, but she didn’t like it. The cashier who worked at the gift shop told us, she didn’t like the teriyaki flavor either.

We were gone all day. We visited a bookstore across the street from the SPAM MUSEUM and a small bicycle museum. Then drove us home. We stopped and met the Jolly Green Giant and Sprout.


As you can see by the photo of the Jolly Green Giant, it was still overcast but it wasn’t raining much on the return trip.

We had so much fun. We ate at a restaurant called, The Ranch. Inside the restaurant someone built a miniature city block that was fascinating. The Detail was incredible. It was bigger than any miniature I’ve ever seen. We stopped at a fort on the return trip. We drove past windmill farms. Minnesota seems to have MANY windmills. It was a fun, fun day. Almost everyone thought we were crazy driving to the Spam Museum, I was so glad we did. We had a great time.  🙂

WordPress has a mind of it’s own this morning, I had some problems downloading the photos, but I think they’re ok. Enjoy!

Have you visited the Spam Museum???

Much love ~




Classic Movie Friday!

James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan in The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

Margaret Sullavan   James Stewart

Frank Morgan   Felix Bressart   Joseph Schildkraut

Sara Hadan

What a nice film! I was surprised when I discovered the shop is in Budapest, Hungary! Hugo Matuschek (Frank Morgan) is the owner and Alfred Kralik (James Stewart) is the best and most loyal employee. One fine day, Klara Novak (Margaret Sullavan) enters the shop looking for a job. Klara and Alfred don’t really like each other, however, Mr. Matuschek hires Klara. Alfred and Klara argue constantly. While all that is happening Mr. Matuschek believes his wife is having an affair. And! Alfred is writing letters to a woman he doesn’t know. He loves her letters and wants to meet the lovely lady. He tells his good friend Pirovitch (Felix Bressart) about the mysterious lady in the letters. Pirovitch is happy for his friend and when Alfred arranges to meet the unknown lady, Pirovitch goes with him.

I really enjoyed this film. Right now as I enter my thoughts into the computer, I have a big smile on my face remembering the characters and the story. The film is sweet and fun. My favorite characters are Alfred and his friend Pirovitch. I had a little trouble liking Klara. I thought she was manipulative. My heart went out to Mr. Matuschek. He loved his wife so much and he was so troubled about the affair. At the end of the film Mr. Matuschek was a changed man. Everything works out for the good in the end and it’s a great feel good film!  🙂


A Secret To Die For by Lisa Harris

Publication Date: September 18, 2018

Publisher: Revell

Complimentary copy from Revell through NetGalley.

Psychologist Grace Callahan and Detective Nate Quinn (old friends) find themselves working on a case together after Grace’s home is broken into one night while she is sleeping. She manages to escape and call for help. Detective Nate Quinn is investigating the murder of Stephen Shaw. The two cases are related. Grace was Stephen’s psychologist and someone believes Grace has information ~ important information that Stephen Shaw passed to her. But! There’s more at stake here than murder!

This is a fast-paced, well-written suspense story. I liked it! I’ve read books by this author in the past and she never disappoints. I read this book straight through in a day. Grace has some strength in her and she’s determined to find the individual who killed her client and why. Nate has PTSD and wants to protect Grace and solve this case quickly before anyone else is murdered. 5 ***** stars!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.