8 Years Old!

Good morning, Peoples! Yesterday my blog had a birthday! That’s right! My blog is 8 years old!

It’s been fun!.

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The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie

The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie

In this mystery, a woman has been seriously ill for a while and is dying. She sends for a priest. Father Gorman arrives. After the woman dies, the poor man is murdered on his return walk to the parish. A list of names is discovered on Father Gorman’s body.

Mark Easterbrook is a pleasant man and a friend of Ariadne Oliver. Rhoda Despard would like Mrs. Oliver to do a book signing at her fete. Rhoda sends her cousin Mark on the mission of asking Mrs. Oliver to do the book signing. It took some persuasion, but Mrs. Oliver does agree to the book signing. During the course of events, Mark learns of the list of names discovered on the priest’s body. He starts to do some sleuthing around and is convinced there is a sinister plot with nefarious people involved. Yes! A carefully thought-out plan, but he needs proof.

Woo woo in the story! It’s a good mystery. When all is revealed, I thought it was sensational. I had no idea how, why and who! And! this is the second time I’ve read the book. According to my notes, I read it in 2010!

Happy Reading!

End of Month Blabbering’s ~

Hello Peoples! The end of February brought very cold temperatures! ⛄ And! Below zero wind chills. Brrr. However, I had plenty of hot tea and chocolate, a toasty fire, books to read and movies to watch. I watched Kate & Leopold (2001), Sleepless In Seattle (1993), You’ve Got Mail (1998), and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948). Today I will watch, While You Were Sleeping (1995). Right now, it’s -2! It feels like -18! 😮 Snow showers are expected.

Kate & Leopold (2001) Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan

I hope you’re February has been warm and comfy. 🤗

Favorite Book In February ~

A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe

Did you have a favorite read in February? Please, share in the comments below.

Your Favorites at the Cottage in February ~

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Today I’m Reading ~

The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie

Rick was in an automobile accident this month. I am so thankful he wasn’t hurt, not even a bruise. However, our car was crunched. The body shop has a waiting list for body work. We are scheduled to have our car repaired in March! Our car runs perfect. There wasn’t any damage to the engine. Our poor vehicle looks crunched though. The police didn’t ticket anyone because ice on the road was responsible. 🚗

I know, I’m posting this a few days early. 😁 Have a great day!

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The Classic’s Club ~ The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf

The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf

I’m sitting on my chair, in front of the computer, tapping my fingers, trying to decide what I want to write about this book. It’s the first time I’ve read a book by Virginia Woolf.

Rachel Vinrace is leaving London, traveling aboard her father’s ship, the Euphrosyne, to South America. Rachel’s Aunt Helen is traveling with her. During the course of the story, as I got to know Rachel, I thought she was quiet and possibly somewhat timid. She was a talented musician and seemed to get along with the interesting passengers she met on the cruise. Evelyn was my favorite. There is a variety of conversations on the trip from gender to politics. Rachel eventually meets Terrance Hewet and the two fall in love. This is hardly a romance novel though.

I really don’t have much to say about the book. I took the story quite literally. I didn’t see a lot of symbolism at all, if any. Although if a reader does see symbolism in the journey, that’s fine with me. I just saw it quite literally as a journey of human beings, aboard a ship, they meet, the experiences they had, and the conversations.

The author did share a portion of a poem I enjoyed. (p. 318)

Sabrina fair,

Listen where thou art sitting

Under the glassy, cool, translucent wave,

In twisted braids of lilies knitting

The loose train of thy amber dropping hair,

Listen for dear honour’s sake,

Goddess of the silver lake,

Listen and save! ~ John Milton

If you would like to read more of the poem, click on the link below ~


The Voyage Out wasn’t my kind of story. I like mystery/suspense Gothic and at times romantic comedy. This book was somewhat different but not really likable or unlikeable.

Have you read any books by Virginia Woolf? I’d like to hear your opinions.


Top Five Tuesday! Top Five Books I Want To reread in 2022 ~

Hello Peoples! This is a great topic for Top Five Tuesday, as, I am rereading several favorite books this year! And! This is a great day for reading, it’s cold and snowing. Top Five Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan! She has a fun blog and you can find her blog at the link below ~


Top Five Tuesday was created by Shanah. The link to her blog is below ~


So! Here We Go!

The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie

According to my notes, I read this book in 2010! It’s time to read this delicacy again! A Priest is murdered and on his body is a list of names which seem unrelated.

Third Girl by Agatha Christie

Three girls share a London flat. One girl confesses to Poirot is killed a person, then she disappears! Mmm.🧐

Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie

Two young girls are dead and Hercule Poirot is called in to solve the puzzle.

Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie

A woman’s body is discovered at the bottom of a cliff! Shortly after, two more bodies are discovered. Poirot has his work cut out for him.

The Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie

According to my notes I read this one in 2017. Time to read it again. A woman is discovered dead, and her jewel is missing.

That’s a wrap! Are you rereading any book in 2022? Have you read any of the books by Agatha Christie I’ve listed above? Happy Reading!

Much love ~


Dead Man’s Folly by Agatha Christie

Hello Peoples! I’ve been re-reading a few of Agatha Christie’s books and, I must say, I do believe they are better the second time around! Is that even possible???😉🧐

Ariadne Oliver telephones Poirot insisting he travel to her location and help her. She is unable to tell him, on the phone, why she needs him, there are too many people listening. Georges packs a bag for Poirot and off he goes. He travels by train to Nasse House, Nassecombe. When he arrives, Ariadne tells Poirot there is to be a fete and she has arranged a Murder Hunt. There are clues, suspects and a victim. It’s similar to a scavenger hunt, but it’s a Murder Hunt. She tells Poirot, something doesn’t feel right. Something is wrong and she can sense it. She tells Poirot she wouldn’t be surprised if there is a real murder, instead of a fake murder. Poirot believes her! So! The day of the fete has arrived, everyone is having a good time ~ you guessed it ~ a body is discovered. She’s been murdered!

I loved it! I almost read it straight through! Agatha Christie created the best puzzles! Even though I had read it once before I wasn’t sure the identity of that nefarious person. According to my note, I read this book in 2012. Ok. It’s been a while. I love Ariadne. She’s smart, creative, eccentric and she has good instincts. She’s also fun. Poirot did solve the mystery. Highly recommend!

Happy Reading!

Sunrise by Susan May Warren

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Sky King Ranch Book 1

Hello Peoples! This is the first book I’ve read by this author! It’s a good one. I highly recommend it! The reader takes a journey to Alaska and meets Dodge Kingston and Echo Yazzie. Dodge is a good pilot. Echo is a dogsledder and research guide. She really knows the Alaskan wilderness. I liked the story. The reader trudges through snowstorms, cold, cold temperatures, faces poachers, grizzly bears, experiences harrowing flights and a page turner of a wilderness experience! As my neighbor was known to say, never in all my born days!

Happy Reading!

Mrs. McGinty’s Dead by Agatha Christie


Mrs. McGinty is dead. James Bentley, a boarder, is arrested, tried and convicted of the crime. Superintendent Spence handled the case, and he isn’t satisfied. He believes James is innocent. So, he visits with Hercule Poirot. Poirot agrees to investigate the case. Well, this murder will keep those little grey cells occupied. Poirot travels to Broadhinny and stays with the Summerhayes. Mrs. Summerhayes is a lovely woman, but her home is a disaster. Poirot says, he suffers. Poor guy. 😉

It’s a puzzling case. James and Mrs. McGinty didn’t seem to have any enemies; however, Mrs. McGinty is dead, and James is waiting to be executed. There is an enemy somewhere. There aren’t many clues, however Poirot does find one!

Ariadne Oliver arrives in Broadhinny driving her sporty car and enjoying an apple! Neither Ariadne nor Poirot knew the other was going to be in Broadhinny. How fortuitous. 🧐 She has arrived in Broadhinny to work with a playwright to adapt one of her books for the stage. While Poirot is chipping away at a complicated mystery, Mrs. Oliver is doing her own brand of sleuthing.

This is the second time I’ve read this mystery and I thought it was better the second time around. Highly recommend!

Happy Reading!

Mrs. McGinty’s Dead (2008)

David Suchet Zoe Wanamaker

Looking For The King by David C. Downing

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On the brink of World War II, Tom McCord is writing a book about King Arthur. He has traveled to England researching the historical evidence. There he meets Laura Hartman. The two decide to work together and soon learn someone is following them and their quest for historical evidence might just be dangerous.

I liked this book. In the beginning, I didn’t really like Laura, I thought she was rude, however, as the story progresses, she grew on me, and I thought she was an interesting character. When the Inklings entered the story, it was very entertaining. They were certainly a jovial bunch. The description of Lewis was delightful.

I enjoyed traveling alongside Tom and Laura in their quest!

It is a work of fiction, but I thought it was historically accurate. I’m certainly not an expert on King Arthur but everything in the book seemed fine to me. Highly recommend!

Happy Reading!