Day 27 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello Peoples! How are peoples today? It is cold here today. We have a wind chill. We have fresh snow and it’s supposed to snow again tonight.

Things I do to be warm and cozy ~

~ Bake! I bake in the winter more frequently than the summer. I also make soup in the winter months. The oven is on and it helps warm the house and the scent of baking bread or simmering soup is so warming.

~ Scented candles. We have a great candle shop in the town we live in. They make their own soy candles, and the scent is so warm and cozy. I enjoy burning candles in the winter.

~ Rick and I play Scrabble and Yahtzee in the evenings during the long winter days. We seem to have more fun with Yahtzee.

~ I wrap up like a warm burrito and watch movies in the evenings.

~ There is always sitting by the fire writing in a journal, reading books and magazines and blogging.

~ My favorite home away from home is the bakery. It’s always so warm and friendly with tasty treats. I think it has a family kitchen atmosphere.

What do you do during the long days of winter??? Share in the comments below. Don’t be shy.

Much Love ~



Day 26 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello Peoples! I had a couple of ideas for my blog post today, however, the Vegan Book Blogger’s Waiting On Wednesday inspired me to do a WWW! Go take a gander at her blog. The link is below ~

The Three Ws Are ~

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

OK! Here we go!!!

What are you currently reading???

DOMINO by Phyllis A. Whitney

I like books by this author. She is a classic author. I find her books in used bookstores.

What did you recently finish???


A White House Chef Mystery

I like this series. Good mysteries.

What do you think you’ll read next???

Woman In Shadow by Carrie Stuart Parks

Have a great day. Stay warm and toasty!

Much Love ~


Day 25 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello Peoples! I hope you are warm and toasty today! I am savoring hot tea and making an attempt at looking awake. 😴

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in our dining room, reading, when quite unexpectedly the doorbell rang. I thought, who could that be. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I went to the door and glanced out the window. There were three random guys standing outside in the cold. I opened the door.

Random guy spokesman ~ Hi. We’re three Army recruiters participating in a Scavenger Hunt. We need to find a house with an American flag.

One random guy pointed to our American flag moving in the gentle breeze.

Me ~ Oh. Ok.

Random guy spokesman ~ We need to take a picture of your flag.

Me ~ Ok. Go ahead.

Random guy spokesman ~ We need you in the photo with us..

Me ~ I’ll go get my coat.

2nd random guy smiling, pointing to our Texas flag ~ Are you from Texas?

Me ~ No my husband is from Texas.

2nd random guy ~ Where is he from?

Me ~ I told him.

2nd random guy ~ I’m from Houston. He pointed to our Texas flag and said, I knew good people lived in this house. He pointed to our Texas flag and said, My people.

I was nodding and smiling. I left for a couple of minutes, putting on my boots, coat and bomber hat.

When I returned the three guys cheered loudly at my bomber hat!

We got in position; random guy number 3 took the photo. The 3 men each shook my hand vigorously and thanked me profusely, got into their vehicle and left.

I went into our humble abode smiling and chuckling to myself.

Much Love ~


Day 24 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello Peoples! I am having a great morning. I met my friend L at a coffee shop, and we had a good visit. She spoils me. She gives me gifts and crafts and all manner of fun stuff. This morning she gave me, two books, a movie, a framed Christmas picture, earrings and Narnia items and one of the books in the series. She gave me Snoopy and Scooby bandages! haha! A few weeks ago, I was looking for Snoopy or Scooby bandages and couldn’t find any. She found some and gave them to me! That is so fun.

The Books She Gave Me ~

The Portrait of A Lady by Henry James

Sunflower Sisters by Martha Hall Kelly

Mmm??? I’ve never read these books. I will probably read them later in 2023. Have you read either of them? What are your thoughts???

She also gave me I Still Believe (2020). I’ve never seen this movie either.

Have a great day. Stay warm and toasty!

Much Love ~


Day 23 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Affairs of Steak by Julie Hyzy

A White House Chef Mystery

Our White House Executive Chef Olivia aka Ollie is working with Peter Everett Sargeant to find a venue for a birthday party for the secretary of state. Peter and Ollie are not friends, to say the least. Ollie seems to trip over dead bodies everywhere she goes, however, this is Peter’s first experience. That’s right, the two of them together discover a dead body. And! Not only one poor individual has been discovered murdered when a second body is found dead. And! The two of them may have seen the killer flee the scene of said crime.

There is a lot happening in this White House Chef mystery. Someone is trying to sabotage Peter. Peter may be a pain, but he works hard and knows his job, and someone is out to get him. Ollie decides to help discover who is after Peter. At the same time, Ollie and Peter try to stick together to stay alive. Someone is following Ollie and it seems someone wants them both dead.

This was a good mystery. I’ve liked all of the White House Chef Mysteries. In the past, Ollie is so busy she meets herself coming and going. She is busier in this book. It’s well-written and moves along at a good pace. There is a small amount of humor in this mystery. This series is normally very serious. I was surprised when I found myself chuckling. And! Bump guy! I chuckled every time I read it.

If you haven’t read this series, I recommend it!

Happy Reading!

Day 22 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello Peoples! Another winters day. Yesterday I made blueberry muffins. I tend to bake in the winter. I sent a text to my sister telling her ~

When I see photos online of someone baking, every ingredient is artistically placed. The mixing bowl and utensils are beautifully positioned. Who bakes like that??? I make a big mess. However, the muffins taste great!

Do you bake often? Are you like me and make a big mess or is everything artistically placed???😉

Much Love ~


Day 21 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello Peoples! It’s Saturday and cold. Very cold! Extremely cold! However, it has been colder.

What are you doing today?

A good question. Thank-you for asking. I’m going to the bakery for a hot, dark chocolate. I’m planning to make blueberry muffins and I’m reading a cozy mystery. I might finish the cozy today.

Affairs of Steak by Julie Hyzy ~A White House Chef Mystery~

Thursday night I didn’t sleep. So, yesterday I slept a LOT! Today I am well rested.

Enjoy your day. Stay warm and toasty!

Much Love ~


Day 20 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Charlie Chan In Shanghai (1935)

Warner Oland Keye Luke Irene Hervey Jon Hall

Russell Hicks Halliwell Hobbs Frederick Vogeding

Charlie Chan (Warner Oland) is traveling on a ship to Shanghai when a mysterious stranger slips a note into Charlie’s pocket. The note warns Charlie to stay away. How rude! Not very hospitable!

During a banquet to honor Charlie and his accomplishments, Sir Stanley Woodland (David Torrence) tells Charlie he has uncovered nefarious activity in Shanghai and wishes to discuss these illegal activities with Charlie as soon as they can get together. Moments later Sir Stanley is murdered at the banquet next to Diana (Irene Hervey) his niece. The killer uses an unusual weapon. Charlie, his number one son along with Diana, the Chief of Police and an agent from America work together to solve the mysterious murder and reveal the person or persons unknown.

Lee Chan is an adult now; his job requires Lee to travel frequently. As a result of his many trips, he is able to join his famous dad in Shanghai and help Charlie solve the case. Lee is single, however, in this film, he does have a love interest.

I liked this one. Although not my favorite Charlie Chan mystery it is a good one. I recommend it.

Stay warm!

Day 18 ~ 30 Day Winter Blogging Challenge

Hello Peoples! How are peoples today? I’m good here, savoring my hot cinnamon tea. We’re in a winter weather warning or some such thing. I checked the radar and yes, there is a storm headed right for us. How rude!

Random Word ~

procrastinate ~

Do you procrastinate? De you delay or postpone doing something or many things???

I have never really been a procrastinator. I was always the type of person who wanted to get things done. You know the type. Why should we put off for tomorrow what we can do right this minute???

However ~

Recently there are two items on my agenda that need to be done and I am procrastinating.

My driver’s license needs to be renewed. Oh, the agony, the pain, the misery. Woe is me. The employees at Department of Motor Vehicles are so ~ well ~ grouchy. That is the reason I am procrastinating. A few years ago, when I renewed my driver’s license, I did the deed online. It was wonderful! It was so easy, and no one was grumpy. Because I renewed my license online in the past, I am required to come in and meet the employees in person. They don’t allow you to renew your license online twice in a row. blah!

When I enter the building where said department is located, I try my best to make the entire experience a happy one. Harumph. I’m blessed if I can get a smile out of anyone. Below is an example of a conversation I have experienced in the past.

Me ~ Good morning! How are you this fine morning?

Employee ~ Grunts.

Me as I hand employee needed paperwork ~ Did you have a good weekend?

Employee frowning ~ Stand on the line. I need to do an eye test.

Me as I move to said line ~ Oh! Ok.

Eye test is finished.

Employee grunting ~ Stand over there. I need to take your photo.

Me as I move to the spot she indicates ~ Can I have an 8 X 10 glossy??? I chuckle.

Employee scowling as finishing the job.

Me as I leave ~ Have a nice day! 😀

Employee ~ NUMBER 5!

I breath deeply as I walk out into the fresh air. I’m glad that’s over.

So! Yesterday I started the process of gathering the paperwork for driver’s license renewal. I CAN do this.

Please share your procrastination story in the comments below. Don’t be shy.

Much Love ~


End Note ~ The second job I am procrastinating ~ cleaning my desk.