The Trembling Hills by Phyllis A. Whitney

24677275Sara grew up in Chicago never knowing her father. Her mother wouldn’t talk about her dad, where she was born or where they were from. When Sara is twenty,  Sara and her mother have an opportunity to move to San Francisco. Her mother doesn’t want to go, but reluctantly agrees. Set against the backdrop of the great earthquake and fire of 1906 Sara learns the mystery of her dad’s disappearance and his family.

I thought this classic book was so good! There is mystery, romance, family secrets, tragedy, adventure. And! there’s a cat in the story, Comstock!. We hob nob with San Francisco’s wealthy. Of course, there are large homes and a dark mansion. I thought it was well written. I wouldn’t call this book Gothic, but it’s close. I’ve read a few books by this author and this one is her best yet. 5***** stars!

I found this book when I was visiting a gift shop in a small town not to far from where we live. It was in a large pile of used books the gift shop was selling.

Have you read any stories by Phyllis A. Whitney? Let me know.  🙂




Classic Movie Friday!

Indiscreet (1958)

Ingrid Bergman

Cary Grant

Cecil Parker

Phyllis Calvert

Beautifully decorated London apartment in the movie "Indiscreet" (1958, dir. Stanley Donen) starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.

This is the silliest movie! I guess I should start at the beginning. Anna Kalman (Ingrid Bergman) is a famous actress. She doesn’t seem able to leave her home without signing autographs. Anyway, she has decided she will never love. *ahem* In walks Phillip Adams (Cary Grant). He looks great in a tuxedo! Have you noticed Cary Grant and William Powell look amazing in a tux??? But! I digress. Anyway, Phillip knows Anna’s brother-in-law (Cecil Parker), which is the hows and the whys of their meeting. I liked the brother-in-law. I thought he was amusing. And the next thing we know, Anna and Phillip are involved. There is one slight problem. Phillip is married, separated from his wife and unable to get a divorce. Hmmm.

The first half of this film was mellow and slow moving. In fact, I was a little uncomfortable with the movie. I almost stopped watching it. Then! there is a twist, so to speak, in the story that changes everything and the film becomes mildly ridiculous! Mildly??? Ridiculous??? It was crazy!

Cary Grant be very funny and he is funny in this film.

There’s a scene in the film when Anna, Phillip, Anna’s  sister (Phyllis Calvert) and her brother-in-law go to a dance. Phillip really kicks up his heels! He is hilarious. He has so much fun dancing. It’s great. I think Cary Grant had fun making this film, especially the dance scene. If you don’t watch this film for any other reason, watch it just to see Cary Grant dance!!!Indiscreet. It's worth watching for this scene especially:)


Have you seen this film? How about that dance???


Here Today, Gone Tamale by Rebecca Adler


This is my third book in the Cozy Mystery Challenge.

Well my word! That was a busy book. And! This story seemed to have many amusing metaphors! Mmm.

Josefina aka Josie aka Jo Jo lives in Broken Boot, Texas. She works at a Tex Mex restaurant owned by her aunt and uncle. Tourists are gathering for the Wild West Festival when Josie discovers the dead body of a woman ~ a jewelry designer ~ behind the restaurant. Soon, the restaurant’s busboy is arrested for the crime. Josie is convinced the young man is innocent, but after failed attempts to convince the local law enforcement, she decides to solve the crime herself.

This book certainly had a variety of characters. Broken Boot, Texas is one busy community. In the midst of all the comings and goings if you can solve this mystery, well, go you! I didn’t solve it! *haha*  🙂  4**** stars!


Come Eat At My Table by Ruth O’Neil


Shortly after Christmas, I received an e-mail, informing me I was a Grace Awards Christmas Sweeps Winner. The following day, the author of the book I won e-mailed her book to me.

Thank-you to the Grace Awards! And also thanks to Ruth O’Neil for e-mailing her book to me.

This faith based story has a good message of forgiveness, love, family, friends and food! Karin, wife, mother and great cook has a gift of hospitality and loves to garden, cook and feed people. She loves her family and Karin and her husband have a good relationship. But! She’s doesn’t talk about her childhood.

I liked Karin and her family. She is married and has twin daughters. One day Karin’s twins arrive home from school informing Karin they have an interesting assignment. One twin was to interview Dad about his past and the second twin was to talk to Mom.

Her girls, Faith and Hope though twins, were very different. I liked both girls, but Faith was always sensitive to her mother’s moods. I liked that quality in Faith.

This is a short story and I’m a little concerned about spoilers so, I’ll quit here. The family does work through some difficulties and the ending of the book did surprise me. It’s a touching story. 3*** stars.

this is me on cold days in Colorado...really big jackets....sometimes I even wear two with more layers underneath...:-)

Stay Warm!  🙂

Ramblings and What Not ~

Good morning all! It’s cold, really cold! The thermometer on our garage tells me it’s 0 ~ that’s right 0! *sigh* The good news? It’s jammie day!

Yesterday Rick and I braved the cold ~ we’re a stalwart couple ~ we drove to the grocery store and bought food. It was a race from the grocery store to the car, to prevent our food from freezing as we scrambled, slipped and sloshed. The good news? We did it. The food, even the bananas (bananas seem to be a challenge for me to get home safely) were safe and sound. Nothing had frost bite. When we arrived home, Rick unloaded our vehicle, I put the groceries away and then we worked together to make a crock pot full of chicken noodle soup. We made the delicious brew late in the day, so it simmered in the pot all night and this morning Rick, I don’t eat meat, has delicious, steamy, hot chicken noodle soup. You’re all invited to partake. Your welcome.  🙂

My hubby has been summoned, called for jury duty. I don’t know anything about it, except he leaves to do his duty as a citizen. He can’t watch the news or read the newspaper or speak or blink or swallow or smile or breath. *haha* And that’s all I’m going to say about that. That’s all I know.

My goal on the goodreads reading challenge is to read 55 books in 2018. Thirty (30) of those will be cozy mysteries because I’m participating in the Cozy Mystery Challenge.

I think I miscalculated. Mmm. January is my BIG reading month. I read more books in January than any other month and I didn’t take that into consideration. So, I’m two books ahead of schedule. That’s ok. I can read more than 55 books!  🙂  Oh! I’m three (3) books ahead of schedule. I haven’t documented on goodreads one book I’ve read. Tsk. Tsk. I’m attempting to slow myself down. Mmm. Why??? *shrugs* But anyway, all is good.

Have a great day. Stay warm!

Much love ~


The White Feather Murders by Rachel McMillian


The cover art on this book is great! I like it, I do.  🙂 I liked the story!

The author transports the reader to Toronto, Canada in 1914. That’s right. World War I is  looming largely on the horizon! And! Our plucky sleuths have a case. Miss Mueller hires the now famous Herringford & Watts to find out who is bullying her brother Hans. He works at the shipping department at Spencer’s. When the brother is discovered dead and a mysterious white feather is found . . . our stalwart sleuths will stop at nothing to find the killer.

These mysteries are great fun. I like Merinda Herringford and Jem Watts ~our lady Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Jasper is a great guy along with Ray DeLucca, although Ray went a little off the deep end in this one. Cat and Mouse are a fun addition, not only to this book, but the mysteries in the past. I think of these mysteries as Sherlock Holmes meet the Keystone Cops!  🙂  Although, unlike the Keystone Cops, these ladies have the necessary skills and knowledge to solve complicated mysteries. 4**** stars!

One last thought. I normally recommend reading series books in order.

Happy Reading!

Classic Movie Friday!

Barbara Stanwyck and Gilbert Roland in 'The Furies (1950)'

The Furies (1950)

Barbara Stanwyck

Wendell Corey

Walter Huston

Gilbert Roland

Judith Anderson

This was a good movie, a little different from what I normally watch. Vance Jeffords (Barbara Stanwyck) is an heiress to a wealthy cattle ranch in New Mexico. Her father, T. C. Jeffords (Walter Huston) is a bully. He’s brash and his sense of humor is at the expense of others. He has enemies and wages a mild war against some people on his ranch he considers to be squatters. One of those so called squatters, Juan Herrera’ (Gilbert Roland), is a good friend of Vance. However, Vance seems to be in love with Rip Darrow (Wendell Corey), although I don’t know why. The man is a cad. Vance is a strong woman with a mind of her own. When Daddy brings home a new woman and Vance and her daddy have a difference of opinion. Their relationship deteriorates rapidly. Relationships do not get better and this isn’t a happy film. It didn’t have a happy ending either. Barbara Stanwyck is a good actress and I think she looks great in western style fashion. Enjoy!