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Hello Peoples! It’s summer! Bright sunshine! Warm temperatures! Warm breezes! Icy tea! I guess you knew that! *ahem* After church, I walked to the bakery and took a couple of photos. Surprise! I’ve mentioned the bakery several times as I blog, but I’ve never posted any photos.  The bakery is located in a historic building and it’s big. I really like it there. I can read for hours and no one will disturb me. The employees are wonderful!  🙂   They have great bakery items. Their oatmeal cookie is the best I’ve ever had and their brownie is decadent! They have great scones, muffins etc. Just click on the photo and it will get bigger.

I don’t drink coffee, but they have a espresso/coffee machine and will make any type of coffee you could possibly want. I always enjoy the hot, dark chocolate or the tea.

Above is a photo of the icy tea and chocolate cookie I enjoyed today whilst reading a book. Right now I’m reading, A Spy in Exile by Jonathan de Shalit. It’s espionage! It’s an interesting story and is certainly keeping my attention.


How is your summer? Are you a coffee drinker? Or, do you prefer tea?

Much love ~




Classic Movie Friday!

Ann Sheridan & Dennis O'Keefe - WOMAN ON THE RUN

Woman On the Run (1950)

Ann Sheridan   Dennis O’Keefe   Robert Keith   Ross Elliott

Frank Johnson (Ross Elliott) witnesses a murder and decides to run. Police Inspector Ferris (Robert Keith) is trying to locate Frank. He believes Frank is trying to escape reprisal. Frank’s wife Eleanor (Ann Sheridan) believes her husband is running from an unhappy marriage. With the assistance of a newspaper man Dan Legget (Dennis O’Keefe) Eleanor is trying to find her husband. The killer is also trying to locate Frank. This was certainly a race as to who was going to find Frank first. I certainly didn’t want the killer to find him first!

When I started watching this film I didn’t think I was going to like it, but it’s a good film noir. Highly recommend!  🙂

Giveaway! The Pawful Truth!


Hello Peoples! Berkley Prime Crime is giving away one copy of The Pawful Truth by Miranda James!  🙂  If you are interested in winning this cozy mystery, just leave a comment below, informing me you would like to be entered in the drawing. The winner will be announced on this blog, along with my review of this book, Tuesday, July 16, 2019.

This giveaway is for U.S.A. residents only. You must have a valid U.S.A. address to win.

Don’t be shy!  🙂

Happy Reading!

My Neighbor’s Garden

Hello Peoples! I hope you had a fun-filled 4th of July and a great weekend!  🙂  Our neighbor is a wonderful gardener. He’s a single guy with a dog. He works in his garden frequently and I though I’d share a photo. If you click on the photo, it will get larger. Enjoy!

Much love ~


Border Son by Samuel Parker


A captivating story! It’s been six years since Ed has heard from his son Tyler. One day Ed receives a telephone call, from a woman, informing him his son needs him in Mexico. Then he receives a phone call from an FBI agent and he receives a visit from two unidentified men. Ed decides it’s time to drive to Mexico, locate his son and discover how he can help.

I normally don’t read this type of story, but when I saw it at the bookstore, I decided to read it for that very reason. It was different. The story is written at a good pace and held my attention. It was definitely difficult to put down. Toward the end, it became intense and I read the last chapter, before I continued on, to reassure myself everything turned out ok in the end. I really wanted Tyler and his dad to survive this ordeal. Ed, Tyler’s dad finds Tyler recovering from a gunshot wound, but the two really need to get out of Mexico, so, as soon as Tyler is able to handle the journey, they leave. The drug cartel is on their heals the entire trip, killing in their wake. These guys have no values, no conscience and no remorse. The descriptions of the deaths aren’t excessively graphic, but the reader will definitely know what has transpired. I do recommend this book, but it isn’t for everyone. 4 ****stars!


Classic Movie Friday!

Lon McCallister and Allene Roberts in The Red House (1947)

The Red House (1947)

Edward G. Robinson   Lon McCallister   Allene Roberts

Rory Calhoun   Julie London   Judith Anderson

Ellen Morgan (Judith Anderson) and her brother Pete Morgan (Edward G. Robinson) have kindly raised their adopted daughter, Meg (Allene Roberts) into a lovely lady. Meg has been warned her entire life, by Pete, to stay out of the woods on their property. There are horrors in the woods.

Pete has a wooden leg and his sister Ellen insists he hire someone to help him on their farm. Pete hires Nath Storm (Lon McCallister). One evening during a terrible storm, Nath wants to take a path through the woods so he can get home quicker, before the storm hits. Pete warns him not to go into the woods and stay away from the red house. He insists there are screams and terrors in the woods, that no one should hear. Nath and Meg decide to explore the woods together during the day, along with Nath’s friend Tippy (Julie London). Each time they explore the woods they get closer and closer to the truth of the woods and the red house. Good film! Highly recommend!


The Arch ~

Hello Peoples! Our city now has an arch!  🙂  That’s right. I like it. I think it’s fascinating. I knew we were going to have an arch one day, I heard about it somewhere. Well, a few days ago I was walking to the bakery and there it was!!! Half of the arch had been built over the river. A few days later, I saw the other half over the river. It’s attracting attention and it certainly attracted my attention, so I wandered over to it and took some photos. Here are the pictures! If you click on the photos, I think they will get larger.

If you look closely, at the above photo, the cathedral is in the background and the clock tower on the museum can be seen.

It doesn’t connect in the middle.

The landscaping isn’t finished at the base of the arch. This thing is so cool. I really like it. They have spotlights near it, so someone lights it up at night. I hear the lights are colors. The area is nice. Cyclists ride through there and there are park benches to sit on and enjoy the day. I will be spending time at the arch when I walk to the bakery.

Much love ~