Classic Movie Friday!

Joan Fontaine, Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and Victor McLaglen in Gunga Din (1939)

Gunga Din (1939)

Cary Grant   Douglas Fairbanks Jr.   Victor McLalen   Sam Jaffe   Joan Fontaine

Oh my word! As my neighbor was known to say, “Never in all my born days.” Cutter (Cary Grant), MacChessney (Victor McLalen), and Ballantine (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) are three very good friends. They are in the military in British India during the Thuggee revolt.

Horrors!  🙂  Ballantine falls in love with the lovely Emmy (Joan Fontaine). He’s going to marry her and he’s leaving the military. Upon my word! Cutter and MacChessney bamboozle him into a final assigment and the three friends along with Gunga Din (Sam Jaffe) take on the entire Thuggee revolt. The Thuggee leader has set a trap. Oh no! Gunga Din, Cutter, MacChessney and Ballantine are caught up in a military situation that could end everyone’s life.

When I decided to watch this film, I didn’t think it would be my kind of movie, but I liked it. It has a considerable amount of humor in it. In fact, at one point in the film, I was laughing so hard, I paused the movie so I wouldn’t miss anything. The situation the soldiers find themselves in is dire, but comedy ensues. The ending is a little sad, much like watching the Dallas Cowboys meet up with the Philadelphia Eagles on the football field. Someone wins and someone looses and someone leaves the game because of injuries. Good film!



Giveaway! Lady Takes the Case!


Hello Peoples! Berkley Prime Crime is giving away one copy of Lady Takes the Case by Eliza Casey ~ First In The Manor Cat Mysteries!

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Meg & Jo by Virginia Kantra

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MEG & Jo by Virginia Kantra

On Sale ~ December 3, 2019

A BIG thanks to Penguin Random House Berkley

“The March sisters — reliable Meg, independent Jo, stylish Amy, and shy Beth — have grown up to pursue their separate dreams. When Jo followed her ambitions to New York City, she never thought her career in journalism would come crashing down, leaving her struggling to stay afloat in a gig economy as a prep cook and a secret food blogger.”

“Meg appears to have the life she always planned — the handsome husband, the adorable toddlers, the house in the charming subdivision. But sometimes getting everything you’ve ever wanted isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

“When their mother’s illness forces the sisters home to North Carolina for the holidays, they’ll rediscover what really matters.”

“One thing’s for sure — they’ll need the strength of family and the power of sisterhood to remake their lives and reimagine their dreams.” ~goodreads

My thoughts ~

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is one of my favorite classic reads. I love Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy and it’s always a treat to revisit the girls each time I read this classic story. I never get tired of them. And! I love all the classic movies. I’ve watched Little Women (1994) with Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, Trini Alvarado, Samantha Manthis, and Claire Danes many times. So, when I hear there is a retelling of Little Women, I expect a lot.

I’m not sure where to begin or how to write this review. I have such mixed feelings about the story. I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from reading this book, but this book just wasn’t for me.

I’ll start with Mr. March. I don’t ever remember him being neglectful to his wife and daughters. In the classic story, the war took him away, but he didn’t neglect his family. And! Why are they living in North Carolina?

And Teddy! He was the boy next door or the brother the March girls never had. He was a great guy. The comments between him and Meg and him  and Jo, in this retelling, were inappropriate. In the classic, he did have integrity. He was fun, likable and charming. I didn’t see a whole lot of integrity or anything else either, anywhere in the retelling of Little Women. In fact, the story has adult content, and profanity! In my opinion, this book is for adults only for that reason. The classic book is safe for everyone.

Jo! Oh my! Jo was the March sister I always related to, but in this retelling, I didn’t relate to Jo at all. She lives in New York and she works as a prep cook. She’s in bed with her boss, Eric Bhaer! The Professor always had a great respect for Jo. In the retelling, the respect was gone. I’m disappointed in the book. I did enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas with the March family. It was a very active family time with a considerable amount of noise, good food and an obvious belief that the March family holds to ~ that all are welcome.

Marmee’s illness surprised me, but I think I was ok with it. Meg’s husband was fine. I liked him. Meg was overworked and didn’t have much help and, as such, she complained considerably, but . . .

I believe one can write a story or retell a story, about a family, keep their integrity, strength of character, moral backbone and courage in our culture today. I’m not sure how many stars to give this retelling??? 3 *** stars???

Announcing the winner of the drawing ~

Maria Antonea


Happy Reading!

Ramblings And What Not ~

Hello Peoples! You will be happy to know *haha* I’ve decided to participate in another 30 Day Writing Challenge! *applause applause*  I will begin this writing challenge January 1, 2020! January is such a dead month. *blah* It’s cold and dark and wet and icy. I thought a writing challenge would help clear the blah away! It will be called, The 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge! Catchy isn’t it???  🙂

Oops!  🙂  You may have noticed, you received an update, in your email inbox, from my blog about a book review, The Dog Who Knew Too Much by Krista Davis. Well! I accidently hit the publish before it was ready to be published. I wasn’t finished writing the review yet. You got an incomplete post. Just delete and move on! *haha* I will be publishing my full book review later this month. This is just typical of me. If I don’t spill something, run into something, or drop something everyday, my day is not complete.  🙂

This week I received a message from wordpress, informing me, I’ve made 1,337 posts on my blog! That’s good to know. I’m just a little puzzled. Why did they inform me at such an odd number? Why not 1,330 or 1,340? Oh well. I may never know. I’m glad they told me though.  🙂

Much love ~


Murder, She Wrote A Time for Murder by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land


Release Date: November 26, 2019

A BIG thanks to Berkley Prime Crime!

“Young Jessica Fletcher’s life couldn’t be more ordinary. She teaches at the local high school while she and her loving husband, Frank, are raising their nephew Grady together. But when the beloved principal dies under mysterious circumstances, Jessica knows something is off and, for the very first time, investigates a death.”

“Present-day Jessica returns to high school for a colleague’s retirement party and has fun seeing familiar faces. That is, until the colleague winds up dead — and his death has mysterious links to Jessica’s very first murder case.”

“With nothing but her own instincts to guide her, Jessica embarks on a quest to find out what really happened all those years ago and who’s behind these murders. Because time is running out to catch this killer . . . ” ~Berkley Prime Crime

I really enjoyed this time slip mystery. The author transports the reader to a time when Jessica’s husband, Frank, is alive and the couple are raising their nephew, Grady. And! Jessica reveals her address ~ 698 Candlewood Lane ~  I would love to stop by and enjoy a cup of tea with the famous sleuth!  🙂  Wouldn’t you???

The mystery begins when a student interviews Jessica for the high school newspaper, well, maybe I should re-phrase that. The mystery begins many years earlier. The principal of the high school is murdered shortly after Jessica over hears a heated phone call he has, with a mysterious individual. So! Off we go on another complicated mystery. Our old friends are back, Seth and Mort and my favorite P.I. Harry. New characters abound, Joe and Nails are an interesting addition to the story. And! Amos Tupper, the retired sheriff and detective of Cabot Cove is very likable.

There is some suspense and excitement at the end of the book that’s a tad preposterous or maybe sensational is the word I want to describe it, but I did like it. I certainly won’t forget it.   🙂

These mysteries are so good. I’ve gone back to the beginning and started reading them in order. The books are well written, complicated mysteries. Captivating! Intriguing! 4.5 stars! Highly recommend!

Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher on her typewriter in Murder, She Wrote

Announcing the winner of the drawing ~


Happy Reading!

Ramblings And What Not ~

Hello Peoples! I don’t feel good this morning. Blah. I woke up sick, so, instead of wallowing in my misery, *haha* I decided to do something. I wanted to get my mind off my suffering. *ahem*

Me thinks I’ve been under the weather for a couple of days because, I’ve been sleeping for hours. *Yawn* I then realized it is the last day of November! So! It’s time for Ramblings And What Not!

Favorite Book in November ~ There were so many!  🙂  


Murder She Wrote A Time for Murder by Jessica Fletcher & Jon Land

Your Favorites at the Cottage in November ~

November 29, 2019 ~ Classic Movie Friday, Sabotage (1936)

November 15, 2019 ~ Classic Movie Friday, Young and Innocent (1937)

November 16, 2019 ~ TO BE A [GOOD] BOOK SNOB

I joined the Cruisin’ thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2020! I always join on goodreads. There are different levels you can jump on board with, but I joined Level 1 Snoop. If you want to participate, scurry on over to goodreads.

Level 1 Cozy Mysteries I read in 2019 ~

Stowed Away (A Maine Clambake Mystery #6) by Barbara Ross

Assault and Buttery (A Popcorn Shop Mystery #3) by Kristi Abbott

Gin and Daggers Murder She Wrote, #1 by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

Lending A Paw (A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #1) by Laurie Cass

Live and Let Chai (Seaside Café Mystery #1) by Bree Baker

Expiration Date (A Cook-Off Mystery #1) by Devon Delaney

Frosty the Dead Man (Snow Globe Shop Mystery #3) by Christine Husom

No Good Tea Goes Unpunished (A Seaside Cafe Mystery #2) by Bree Baker

Borrowed Crime (A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #3) by Laurie Cass

Tide and Punishment (A Seaside Cafe Mystery #3) by Bree Baker

Italian Iced (Ethnic Eats Mystery #3) by Kylie Logan

Rum and Razors Murder She Wrote #3 by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

I have more than one that were my favorites, so I won’t list my favorites. It’s so difficult! The 2019 Cozy Mystery Challenge isn’t finished until the end of December.

My my my! Rick is getting out the Christmas decorations. So, I will help him.

You, that’s right, you are awesome!

Much love ~