30 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 14

Hello Peoples! Reader’s of the magazine, Bella Grace Sep/Oct/Nov 2019 submitted a list of forty-eight (48) books that carried them through tough times. 



I thought I would list six (6) books that have been an encouragement, inspiration to me or have carried me through tough times.

1.) The Bible 

Without a doubt, the Bible is my number one choice. It inspires, edifies, encourages, gives me hope, points the way, tells true stories of faith and so much more!  🙂  There are parables and if you haven’t read this amazing book, you should!

2.) The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

To step through the wardrobe into a wondrous land, where one meets new friends, with multiple adventures, where Aslan reigns.  🙂

Quiz: Which character from the Chronicles of Narnia are you? I got Aslan! < well what do ya know...

3.) The Mitford Series by Jan Karon

A place to call home.

4.) Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

These books just make me SMILE.  🙂

Anne of Green Gables (1985) GOSH!! I love these films so much!! Anne and Gilbert are literary the cutest …

5.) This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart

Anytime I want to travel to Corfu and read a well written mystery, I read, This Rough Magic! Our leading lady has strength and stamina.

6.) Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

It’s tough times, romance, creepy experiences and Jane Eyre had exceptional moral strength.

Michael Fassbender (Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester) & Mia Wasikowska (Jane Eyre) - Jane Eyre (2011) #charlottebronte #caryfukunaga

What books have carried you through tough times?

Much love ~



30 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 13

Hello Peoples!  🙂  I discovered today’s question in Daphne’s Diary, Number 6 ~ 2019


This summer I was most surprised by?

Hummingbirds! Without a doubt, hummingbirds! Rick has been feeding the birds, squirrels, rabbits and other critters, in our backyard for a few years now. We have woodpeckers, robins, sparrows, yellow finches, morning doves, cardinals, blue jays, and chickadees. We had a ground squirrel for awhile. Rick named him George. We have a couple of rabbits. Rick named the baby bunny, Beauregard. But, the hummingbirds surprised me and delighted me the most of all! They’re so colorful and move so quickly. We have two hummingbird feeders in our backyard and they enjoy both feeders. This was our first summer with hummingbirds.

What most surprised you this summer?


Much love ~


Classic Movie Friday!

MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN and JOHNNY WEISSMULLER from 'Tarzan Finds a Son!' 1939

Tarzan Finds A Son (1939)

Johnny Weissmuller   Maureen O’Sullivan   Johnny Sheffield

Ian Hunter   Henry Stephenson   Frieda Inescort   Henry Wilcoxon

In this film, a young couple and the pilot of an aircraft crash and die in the jungle of Africa. The creatures in the jungle hear a baby crying on the plane and an ape grabs the child and takes the little one to Tarzan and Jane. They name the baby “Boy” and raise him as their own. Five years after they find “Boy,” a search party arrives looking for the lost family. “Boy” has an inheritance and the search party would like to take “Boy” back to “civilization” so he can claim his fortune and learn to live in the “civilized” world. Jane agrees to guide the search party out of the jungle, along with “Boy,” against Tarzan’s wishes.

Tarzan and Jane certainly have their hands full with “Boy.” He’s is constantly into mischief. He’s a great little kid and is having the adventure of a lifetime as he grows up in the jungle, but it’s all Tarzan and Jane can do to keep an eye on the active little guy. Jane finds herself in a difficult situation toward the end of the film and “Boy” is up for the task at hand and helps Jane considerably!  🙂


30 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 12

My father was a lighthouse keeper. My mother was a queen. But life has a way of bringing people together. They made me what I am. #dc

Hello Peoples! Have you seen Aquaman (2018)? I don’t really like the movie but, I love this little family. Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison) and Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) are so very much in love. Tom found her unconscious on the rocks, wounded. He carried her to the lighthouse and cared for her. Atlanna is a little quirky, but Tom loves her as she is and never tries to change her. I think she’s adorable when she tries tea for the first time. A couple of years after they welcome their baby into the world, there is an attack on her and her family. She leaves, to save her new family, promising to return. Tom, raising his son alone, waits for her return, walking to the end of the pier everyday looking for her. A tragedy, but so much love.

Much love ~


A Night’s Tail by Sofie Kelly ~ Giveaway

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Hello Peoples! Berkley Prime Crime is giving away one copy of A Night’s Tale by Sofie Kelly. This cozy mystery is #11 in the Magical Cats Mystery.

If you are interested in winning this book, just leave a comment below, informing me you would like to be entered in the drawing. Don’t be shy. The winner will be announced, on this blog, along with my review, Monday, September 16, 2019.

This giveaway is for U.S.A. residents only. You must have a valid U.S.A. address to win.  🙂

Happy Reading!


30 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 11

Hello Peoples! OH MY WORD! I’m late on my blog today because a tornado touched down and the electricity is out and we don’t have an internet connection. I’m at a friend’s house right now.

Let me start at the beginning. Last night, I fell asleep on the couch, watching a movie. Around midnight my cell phone started screaming. I flew off the couch, as the National Weather Service was telling us, there is a tornado warning and we were to seek shelter immediately!!! I grabbed my phone, yelling for Rick, as I headed for our basement. We met at the back of the house. I glanced out the window into our backyard and there was a massive amount of rain ~ sheets of rain ~bombarding our poor backyard. Rick decided to turn on the tv for the radar on the local news/weather channel. The moment he turned on the tv, the power went out and we were left in the dark. I glanced out the window, as Rick was collecting flashlights and our camping lantern, the entire neighborhood was really dark. I saw our neighbors moving around in their house with flashlights. I think they were watching us move around with flashlights.

Then the rumbling started! The rain was not stopping and the trees were swaying. The storm lasted about 30 minutes and then everything was silent! Not a sound. It was strange.

My phone started screaming again. The National Weather Service was alerting us to a flashflood warning! We were texting people we know and they were texting us. Everyone was fine. I went back to bed, but what the morning brought was shocking.

There wasn’t any traffic on our street because trees were down and vehicles couldn’t get through. Our house is fine. Electricity was still out. We discovered a tornado touched down on a main street in our city and the damage is dreadful. I’m a lookie loo, so, we drove to where the destruction is so bad and it is terrible. Trees are uprooted or snapped in two. A few of the businesses were destroyed. I saw a vehicle over turned. One of the businesses had three trucks pumping water out of their building. There were city workers and heavy equipment trucks working on clearing the damage.

Apparently, no one was hurt. There are so many things to be thankful for at a time like this. Rick and I are fine and our home is still standing.  🙂

Much Love ~


The Vanished Bride by Bella Ellis Blog Tour


A Bronte Sisters Mystery

“In The Vanished Bride we find the Brontes, including their brother Branwell, confronting a terrible crime just across the moors. A young woman has gone missing from the grounds of her estate, leaving no trace, save a large pool of blood in her bedroom and a slew of dark rumors about her marriage. A few miles away, the Bronte sisters are horrified, yet intrigued. Desperate to find out more, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne visit Chester Grange, where they notice several unsettling details about the crime scene; not least the absence of an investigation. The young women realize that if they don’t attempt to find out what happened to Elizabeth Chester, no one will.” ~Penguin Random House

I enjoy the stories written by the Bronte sisters. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is one of my favorite classic reads. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte is another favorite, along with, Agnes Grey. When I saw A Bronte Sisters Mystery, I was intrigued. Emily, Anne and Charlotte as sleuths? What could be more captivating? I will say I loved it! The story grabbed my interest right away and held my undivided attention throughout the book. The plot was thick. Every time I thought I had the mystery solved, the author would include something new in the story that would make me rethink everything.

Emily, Charlotte and Anne were sisters and friends. They argued as sisters do sometimes, but they were supportive of one another and shared this challenging adventure as sleuths. Their brother Branwell was a nice addition to the story. In spite of his addictions, he was a pleasant fellow and had a fun sense of humor.

The story is descriptive of life on the moors with a wonderful atmospheric feel. It was creepy at times with questionable characters and a chilling crime scene. And! Of course, they faced the challenges to women at the time. I really can’t think of anything wrong with the story. 5 ***** stars!

I’d like to thank Penguin Random House/Berkley for including me in this blog tour and sending me the book. A BIG thanks!

Announcing the winner of the drawing ~


Congratulations Heather!