Great times with Friends!

Shwarma after!Last night we met with local friends and friends from out of state, had a great dinner and fun conversation at a local restaurant. The conversation went in many different directions and it was all good!

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Friends are visiting from out of state and we enjoyed breakfast, outside, at the bakery.

Oh Yea! The bakery has the most, best, delicious, decadent hot chocolate – ever! I had the large hot, dark chocolate. Yummy! The weather was perfect for sitting outside and we enjoyed a great conversation and time spent with great friends.

They are here for a few more days and we’ll be spending more time with them. So, here’s to good friends, good food, great memories and great times!

"Homecoming~Patisserie"  ~~  Artist ~Inslee Haynes~  July 29 2011picture from pinterest.

“Heaven Sent Rain,” by Lauraine Snelling

Dinah Taylor is a scientist and successful business woman with a well-ordered life. She’s single with no desire to marry. One morning, Dinah meets Jonah Morgan, (7 years old) and his dog Mutt, buys him breakfast and her life has changed forever. You might ask, where are his parents? I’m glad you asked. All is explained to the reader, as the story proceeds.:)

Garret Miller is a successful veterinarian and artist. One night, Dinah and Jonah bring the seriously injured Mutt to Garret’s clinic in need of medical assistance. Jonah likes Garret immediately, but Dinah and Garret have a rough start. Jonah needs Garret and Dinah, so, as Garret attempts to keep up with his successful practice and Dinah deals with her own business along with the press and a grieving little boy, Garret and Dinah need to somehow process through everything for Jonah and Mutt.

This was the first time I have read a book by this author. Normally, I read a very different type of fiction, but I was not disappointed with this gentle read. The book grabbed my attention and held it throughout the story. Although I did not like the press, all the main characters in the story were likable. If you would like to read a easy, well-written story, try Heaven Sent Rain. Happy Reading!

Heaven Sent Rain: A Novel by Lauraine Snellingpicture from pinterest.

Do NOT . . . I repeat . . . Do NOT Go to the MOON! or Lunar Escapades!

My husband, Rick, read the creepiest book of the year! the decade! the century! . . . ok, maybe just the creepiest book of the day! Ahem.

Please note – I did not read this book.


So, NASA has not sent anyone to the moon for a very long time. To determine who will go to the moon, they decide to have a lottery. Three teenagers win the lottery, or should I say LOOOOOOSE? Altogether, there are 8 in the crew. Before they blast off, the teens are warned by an unidentified person or persons not to travel to the moon, but off they go. Trust NO ONE!

:(Beware or things that go BUMP in the night!

Well, he gave it four stars on goodreads and he reports it reminds him of the old, classic movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers!” I thought – the story sounded creepy.

Be prepared to sleep with the light on! 172 Hours on the Moon eBook: Johan Harstad, Tara Chace: Bookspicture from pinterest.

Welcome Welcome Traci Borum! It’s a pleasure to visit with you today!

1.) How long have you blogged and why do you blog?

Answer: I started a writing blog back in 2008, after watching the movie Julie & Julia, about a young woman who starts blogging about food, just because she loves to cook. And it inspired me to start a writing blog, because I loved to write (and I teach creative writing, so I wanted to share some of the techniques or lessons or truths I’d learned along the way). The blog was pretty invisible, sort of tucked away online. Not many people knew about it or followed it, but I’ve archived it on my author website, so that maybe it will inspire some writer who stumbles upon it someday.


2.) What is your favorite genre?

Answer: Women’s fiction, for sure. I like how broad of a range the genre is, how it can span from chick-lit like Bridget Jones’s Diary to literary fiction like Anne Tyler’s works. But my favorite type of women’s fiction is somewhere between, the kind Rosamunde Pilcher writes. On my grandmother’s and mother’s recommendation, I read Pilcher’s novel, The Shell Seekers, when I was about eighteen years old. And since then, I’ve read it three more times. Rosamunde Pilcher (a Scottish author) probably influenced my style of writing more than any other author. It’s not that I would ever (or could ever!) compare my style to hers. But as a reader, I loved the way she relaxed her descriptions, painted word pictures, took her time with vivid imagery. She wasn’t afraid to slow the story down a bit in order to have a look ’round, to show the reader the setting involved. I tend to do the same thing in my writing. It’s old-fashioned, I know. And some people have accused me of being too slow-paced. But I like to savor words and images, both as a reader and as a writer.

cover for Finding the Rainbow - FINAL DRAFT

3.) Who is your favorite author? If you want to, name more than one!

Answer: Oops, I think I got carried away with the previous question and stole this one’s thunder! But I can name other women’s fiction authors I admire. Elin Hilderbrand, Elizabeth Berg, Raffaella Barker, Jeanne Ray, Harriet Evans, to name a few. They’re each so different (some are humorous, some are serious), but the minute I hear they’ve written a new novel, I snap it up quickly without a second thought. I trust that whatever the new story is, it’s going to be good.

4.) You are going to meet your favorite fictional character at a local coffee shop. You can visit with this fictional character for one hour. Who are you going to meet and why? What are you going to talk about?

Answer: A hard question! So many to choose from. But I think I’d go with Jo, from Little Women. I love how flawed she is, how vulnerable and tough and loving and stubborn she is, rolled into one. And, of course, if I had coffee with her, I’d have to talk about writing. And I’d have to ask more about Laurie and her sisters and the Professor. I think an hour wouldn’t be long enough for that!

5.) If you could live inside a fictional story, which book would you live in and why?

Answer: Any of Rosamunde Pilcher’s novels because of their settings (Scotland, mostly). Pilcher lives there, and so her descriptions are accurate and specialized. I like the comfort of the countryside or the seaside, as Pilcher describes them. She also creates a lot of small-town settings, which I also enjoy. They seem cozy, somehow.

6.) Has a book ever inspired you? What book? How did it inspire you?

Answer: Probably the most inspiring book was a children’s novel, written by L. M. Montgomery. She’s famous for writing Anne of Green Gables, but I happened to love her other series, Emily of the New Moon. Emily was a writer, and would often carry a notebook around and jot down thoughts and stories. As a twelve-year-old, I wanted to be Emily. I wanted to be a writer. So, really, that book perhaps planted the seeds that led me to my writing career today.

7.) If you could travel anywhere in the world – no cost to you – one location, where would you go and why?

Answer ; The British Isles, for sure! I’ve been there once before, at age seventeen, but I’d love to travel back there again someday. Last time, I saw all the castles and cathedrals and landmarks. But this time, I’d like to rent a cottage (in Cotswolds, of course!), learn to drive a rented car on the “wrong” side of the road, visit some local pubs and shoppes, and talk to the locals. That would be my dream vacation.

Thank-you so much Traci for visiting my blog today! You can find Traci at

She has wonderfully provided me with the cover photos of both of her books, above and I understand her new book should be available by Christmas! She has also provided a picture of the desk where she writes and the view from her window! Very nice!

desk4     desk window