The Bronte Sisters The Brief Lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne by Catherine Reef


Hello Peoples! As many of you know, yesterday I completed my 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge! YAY! A BIG THANK-YOU to all my readers and followers, for reading my 30 day challenge! AND! you continued to return and read my blog, during the month of January. Thanks for the comments! I appreciate all the support! You, that’s right, YOU are the best! 🤗

When I ordered The Bronte Sisters from the library, I didn’t realize it was a book for teens. Of course, it didn’t bother me in the least, I was just a little surprised. As I started reading I thought this non-fiction book seemed like a textbook, however, as the story continues it is very informative and a nice story to read. It has a considerable amount of information about the Bronte family! There are excerpts from their poetry, which I thought was delightful and at times intriguing. There are black and white photographs and images of Charlotte, Emily and Anne. Of course, as the family passes away, the tone of the book becomes sad. I did like it and I’m glad I read it. I would recommend it to any teen reader and adult who is interested in learning more about this tragic but talented family. I love the cover art!

Happy Reading!


Day 30 ~The Classics Club ~ The Turquoise Mask by Phyllis A. Whitney


“Something hidden deep in her memory was the key to Amanda Austin’s past. She did not know it was also the key to her future. After her father died, she decided to learn the truth of her mother and family in New Mexico. But from the moment she arrived at her grandfather’s home, she was met with suspicion. And hate. They were her family, but they were strangers. And one of them was a murderer . . . ” ~goodreads

I liked this book as I do all of Phyllis Whitney’s books, but I’m not sure how I want to review said book. So! Here I go! Amanda’s mother died when Amanda was a little girl. There was always scandal and mystery surrounding her mother’s death. After her death, Amanda’s father whisked her away to the east. She never knew her mother’s family living in New Mexico, so after the death of her father, when she receives an invitation from her grandfather, she travels to New Mexico to meet her mother’s family.

Amanda is a determined female protagonist. I liked her. Even though she heard words of discouragement from her mother’s family, she wanted to know the truth about her mother’s death and nothing was going to scare her away. And someone was definitely trying to scare her off. She wanted answers. Her relatives were anything but friendly to her and I personally didn’t know why she was invited to visit them in New Mexico, when they obviously wanted her to leave. As she asked questions, her relatives kept putting her off. I felt her frustration. I personally didn’t trust anyone, except Amanda. Atmospheric. Suspenseful. It kept me guessing. 😲📚 Good mystery!

Happy Reading!

This was the first book I’ve read for The Classics Club in 2021 and also the last day for my 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge!!!

Day 29 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! Tessa at Tessa Talks Books answered a question today I thought I would answer on my blog. Tessa participates in The Book Blogger Hop. You can meet Tessa, learn more about the blogger hop and take a gander at her blog by clicking on the below link ~

Book Blogger Hop | Do you share books? – Tessa Talks Books

Do You Share Books??? If so, do you have a system to keep track of whom you lend books to???

Yes, yes I do share books. I’m happy to share my books with anyone who would like to read one. I don’t keep track of the books I lend because I’ve never had the need to do so. I’ve only lost one book I’ve loaned and I think I might see it returned to me one day. I loaned it just before CO-VID and I think CO-VID might be the reason it hasn’t been returned. We don’t see one another, like we use to, and I think she forgot to return it.

Now, what about you? Do you lend out your books?

Much love ~


Day 28 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! I certainly received a surprise package in the mail Wednesday. Tammy Doherty, an author mailed two signed books to me. She wrote a nice letter. She said, I won one of the books and she included the second book. That was so kind of her. Thank-you so much Tammy.


She’s Mine by Tammy Doherty


Celtic Cross by Tammy Doherty

I am looking forward to reading both books. Happy Reading!

Much love ~


Day 27 ~ 30 Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! February will be here in just a few days! And then! Valentine’s Day!!! YAY! Can you believe it???

What books did I read in January??? I do read more books in January than any other month!

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict

Revenge in Rubies by A. M. Stuart

The Au Pair by Emma Rous

Jocelyn by Sarah Monzon

Irish Stewed ~ An Ethnic Eats Mystery by Kylie Logan

The Escape by Lisa Harris

Murder, She Wrote A Deadly Judgment by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

Library Books I Read in January ~ I’m keeping track of how many library books I read in 2021.

Under A Cajun Moon by Mindy Starns Clark

A Legacy of Murder ~ A Kate Hamilton Mystery by Connie Berry

Your Favorites at the Cottage in January ~

Day 22 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge ~ The Manhattan Transfer, Java Jive

Day 3 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge ~ Gwenda

Day 5 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge ~ The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict

Currently Reading ~


The Turquoise Mask by Phyllis A. Whitney

Rick and I watched The Maltese Falcon (1941) this week. We’ve watched it a few times in the past. It’s a good film, I highly recommend it.

Stay warm!!!

Much love ~


Day 26 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! Do you purchase books from used bookstores? I’ve been to several used bookstores and I like some and others, not so much. My favorite one isn’t really a used bookstore, it’s an antique/junk shop. It has everything in it. One might even call it a curiosity shop. In the basement, they have a large room with stacks of used books. Whoever owns the shop has made a honest attempt to organize the books. All the stacks are organized by genre, but not by author. So, when I visit this business, I can spend a considerable amount of time perusing the books. I have found a few classic reads in the stacks of books. I do like used bookstores, if I discovered just the right one, I could spend hours looking through the stacks of books. Share your experiences at used bookstores. Happy Reading!

Much love ~


Day 25 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! Oh my word! There is a sharp-shinned Hawk visiting our backyard, frequently! Oh my. We think because of her coloring and size, she is a female. Well! I don’t like her. She’s creepy. I don’t like her one bit, but Rick does. He says, she’s not so bad. All the little birds and other critters scurry away and hide when she arrives on the scene. The man at the bird store informs us, crows will chase a hawk away. We do have two crows that visit our yard. When they are in the backyard the hawk is no where in sight. If you would like to learn more about this creepy hawk, just click on the link ~

Sharp-shinned Hawk | Audubon Field Guide

Much love ~


Day 24 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! It snowed most of the day Saturday, so I stayed home and made blueberry lemon bread. It is so good. I had a nap in the afternoon and I’ve been reading an interesting cozy mystery.

45272744. sy475

A Legacy of Murder by Connie Berry

A Kate Hamilton Mystery

This is a new to me author. The mystery is a little different to me, in the sense, that there is a considerable amount of museum work in the book and our likable sleuth owns an antique store in the United States. So, she is very knowledgeable in regard to antiques. The mystery is set in England. Kate Middleton is our female protagonist. She is a widow with an adult son and daughter. Kate is involved with Tom, the detective inspector, who is investigating the murder. I like Kate and Tom.

I’m halfway through the mystery and I don’t know who the killer is.

This morning, my phone tells me it’s 25 degrees outside! These last days of January are certainly stay at home warm and cozy kind of days. 🤗

Much love ~


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Day 23 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge ~ Murder, She Wrote A Deadly Judgment


Murder, She Wrote A Deadly Judgment by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

I decided to read this series, in order, from the beginning. I’ve read the first eight books and A Deadly Judgment is my favorite of the eight. I don’t normally like courtroom drama, but this is one good read! I didn’t know the identity of the killer. There were several surprises and twists! The ending was complicated! And! Jessica did some good sleuthing in this mystery!

Jessica Fletcher is traveling to Boston to help an attorney friend, Malcolm McLoon with jury selection. William Brannigan has been accused of murdering his brother. His girlfriend is his only alibi! Someone wants the accused in prison and will stop at nothing to get the deed done.

McLoon is certainly a colorful character. He’s boisterous, pompous, loves good food and alcohol, however, if you ever need a criminal attorney, he’s your man.

And! Jessica does have time to see the sights of Boston and enjoy the food and bubbling atmosphere of this city. 5 ***** stars!

Murder, She Wrote (1984-1996)

Happy Reading!