Top Five Tuesday ~ Freebie

Hello Peoples! Another storm went through and our power is out again. It is crazy. We are fine. The storm didn’t do any damage to our neighborhood at all, but the power is out. *sigh* I’m at a friend’s house right now, using his electricity.

So, today is a freebie! Mmmm. I have been thinking about this and decided to share with you five books that made me laugh out loud! So, put on the grins and giggles and let’s get started!

Top Five Tuesday was created by Shanah at the Bionic Bookworm. It is now hosted by Meeghan. Go meet Meeghan and check out her blog. 😊


A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain


Mimi Lee Gets A Clue by Jennifer J. Chow


Montana Welcome by Melinda Curtis


Molly by Sarah Monzon


The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

Guarantee grins and giggles! Have a great day! Happy Reading!

Much Love ~



The Moon Maid by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Earth and the people of Mars, the Barsoomians, have been communicating. In 2025, a manned spaceship from Earth lifted off our planet heading for Mars. Well, in route to the Red Planet, the men of the Earth ship make an emergency landing on the interior of the moon. This was definitely unexpected. And so, their Lunar adventure begins. Julian is the commander. He has four highly qualified men with him. As they explore the moon, they discover odd vegetation, strange creatures, new languages and civilizations. Danger abounds. This book is all 100% adventure. It is excellent reading and so well written. This author has such a great imagination.

I discovered, when I met the Moon Maid, I liked her. She is a strong female protagonist. She’s intelligent and willing to talk to Julian about subjects she knows nothing about. She seems curious and has a desire to learn. Julian has a strong desire within him to protect the Moon Maid and keep her safe. Of course, her and Julian fall in love, the romance is mild. If you like sci-fi adventure, in a unique location this classic read might be for you. As always, with this author, I was drawn into the story, and it held my attention throughout the book.

Happy Reading!

Exciting Night ~

Hello Peoples. I’m not sure what time it was, but I woke up to tornado sirens and my phone screaming at me! How rude!

What a start to Memorial Day. I was half asleep, but I did look outside, and the rain was coming down hard. The wind was calm and there wasn’t any hail. So, Rick and I sleepwalked into the basement until it was over. I don’t know how long we were in said basement??? When I returned upstairs, I turned on the TV and the announcer said, the storm had moved on. So, after gazing out the window again, I went back to bed. I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. I’m not sure I was ever awake??? 😴 We have power, no damage and everything outside is really wet, but calm. Apparently, we’re not out of danger yet. We might see more storm today. 😦

Have a great day!

Much love ~



Hello Peoples! Wow! It’s already the end of May. Early this morning, we had a noisy thunderstorm. Thankfully there wasn’t any wind, however, there was lightening and thunder and plenty of rain. It was 91 degrees here yesterday. I thought it was a beautiful day, but warm. Rick and I went for a walk. We knew the temperature was going to soar, so we went early. Whilst out early, we passed a group of people also out walking. There was an older gentleman in the group. He laughingly and loudly said to us, in reference to my fluorescent orange-ish athletic shoes,

“I like those shoes. I saw you coming. I was going to wear my pair of shoes the same color today!”

haha! 😁😅😀

Your Favorites At The Cottage In May ~

Sludge ~ May 19, 2022

Storm ~ May 14, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day ~ May 8, 2022

Raining ~ May 25, 2022

Currently Reading ~

The Moon Maid by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Have a great day!

Much Love ~


Pleading the Fish by Bree Baker

A Seaside Cafe Mystery

This is a nice conclusion to a fun series with a good mystery I didn’t solve. Everly Swan and her quirky family are back in another mystery. A scream rips through the night and a woman is discovered dead. While Everly is trying to solve the mystery of this woman’s death, she is worried about Grady. She wants to marry the detective, but she believes there is a curse. Men who are in love with Swan women seem to die. How rude! There is exciting news in this final book, Everly is trying on wedding dresses and there are creepy strangers in Charm. Of course, my favorite sea gull is back. This is such a relaxing read. I sat back in a comfy spot and enjoyed. I’ve liked the entire series. I highly recommend all the books! Read them in order.

Happy Reading!


Hello Peoples! I hope you are warm, dry and cozy this morning. I walked to a new cafe early yesterday morning. It’s a nice cafe and quiet. They were moderately busy and I was able to sit at a table in the back of the cafe and read for two hours. I’m reading Pleading the Fish by Bree Baker. I like it. I’m halfway through it. I plan to finish it today. I recommend this series.

Yesterday when I arrived at the cafe, I ordered a jasmine icy tea. It was new to me. I don’t really drink flowery teas. Well, it turns out, I had a slight adverse reaction to the jasmine. First, I noticed my voice was throaty. How odd. Then my throat felt very strange. I was able to swallow just fine, but it felt strange to swallow. I didn’t want to call the doctor. Well, I decided to take Benadryl. The Benadryl put me to sleep. It was a light sleep. I was in and out of sleep and at times I could hear the movie Rick was watching. When I was fully awake, I was fine. The symptoms were gone. I won’t be drinking jasmine tea again. However, that’s ok. Next time I will order hot chocolate!

Rick has tapped into his inner Paul Bunyan. He’s been chopping wood in our backyard. When the storm went through our city a few days ago, we lost part of our tree in the backyard. Rick is chopping the wood. He has a power saw; he doesn’t want to use it. He says, chopping wood is good exercise.

Happy Reading!

Much love ~


Top Five Tuesday! Top Five Reading Accessories!

Hello Peoples! It’s time again for Top Five Tuesday. TFT was created by Shanah at The Bionic Bookworm and is now hosted by Meeghan. Just click on the link below to find Meeghan.

This week on Top Five Tuesday we are sharing our top five Reading Accessories! So! Let’s! Get! Started!

1.) I read mystery/suspense, so, I take notes. I write down clues, characters names, autopsy results etc., basically all types of information so I can solve the mystery. I take my mysteries very seriously. 🧐 So, I always have a notepad of paper and a pen.

2.) My glasses. haha. Of course, I need my glasses. I wear glasses with purple frames!

How To Marry A Millionaire (1953)

3.) A Bookmark! I don’t dog ear pages at all! 😮 I use most anything as a bookmark.

4.) A quiet corner alone. I really can’t have loud music while I’m reading. I need quiet.

5.) Tote bag. Many times, I walk to the bakery or a cafe to read. I need a tote bag to carry my bookish supplies.

And there you have it! Now it’s your turn. What bookish accessories are necessary when you read? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Reading!

Much love ~


Sludge ~

Hello Peoples! I was feeling poorly in April, so the doctor had these tests done. blah blah blah. Anyway, he recommended I take this medication for the discomfort I was experiencing. This so called medication, tastes like mud soaked in orange juice! That’s right, I’m drinking mud soaked in orange juice! Sludge! The bane of my existence! I have a question ~ When the people who created this sludge ~ did they taste it??? Or, did they just pass it off on a poor patient who already feels miserable??? To be fair, the nasty sludge is doing it’s job! When I see my doctor, I might ask him if he’s ever tasted this mud soaked in orange juice???

Much Love ~


Shoes ~

Hello Peoples! It’s a beautiful day here and I walked to the bakery. I need to say, right here, I wear florescent athletic shoes. Oh yes! They are very bright. They’re a bright, wear sun glasses when you look at them, orangish color. I like them. They are so comfortable to walk in. Today as I walked to the bakery, I had an fun experience.

A random dude driving a pick-up truck hung his head out the window and yelled, “I LIKE YOUR SHOES!”

Much Love ~