“Kiss of the Jewel Bird,” by Dale Cramer

I have read several books by Dale Cramer in the past and enjoyed them. He did write a series of Amish books I have never read, but other than his Amish books, I think I’ve read them all. “Bad Ground,” has always been my favorite. Well, now I have made room in my favorites for “Kiss of the Jewel Bird.” This book is brilliant! In fact, I’m feeling a little intimidated about writing a review. I don’t believe I can write a review that will do justice to this well written story. However, I will try to organize my thoughts and put something out there that will reflect what a great story this is.

Dickie Frye always wanted to be a writer. Circumstances at home in Georgia prevented his dream. One day, Dickie Fry mysteriously disappears and the path he chooses for his life is more than interesting. This story is captivating and believable and somehow a real look into the lives of three main characters. In the end, it gave me such a good feeling.

Dickie Frye, Anton Kohl and Emma all have “stuff” but they were all so incredibly likable. They were all talented, intelligent and creative characters and they needed one another. After saying all of above, this review is incomplete. There is so much in this book. I loved Emma and my heart went out to her. Anton was so intelligent and successful but I worried about him. Dickie Fry was personable and off the charts smart. The author created and brought together a story and saw it through to the conclusion! Well done!

agatha 001I took this photo. How do you like it? 🙂

4 thoughts on ““Kiss of the Jewel Bird,” by Dale Cramer

  1. What an amazing, mesmerizing tale! Even more amazing is the mastery and maturity of literary technique. Is this the same writer of Summer of Light? Amazing…almost as miraculous as Dickie Frye’s transformation.

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