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“Plum Pudding Murder,” by Joanne Fluke

This was the first time I read a book by this author. It was an interesting cozy mystery with some clean romance. However, I guess I will begin with the romance. Hannah is a likable character. However, it really bothered me, throughout the entire story, that she was seeing two guys! I realize both of the men knew she was seeing the other guy, but really? She wasn’t hiding anything, but really? Norman is the dentist and Mike is the detective, both great guys but I really think she needs to narrow it down to one guy. 🙂

Hannah owns a successful bakery and this mystery has almost as many recipes in it as a cookbook! haha.

Larry Jaeger owns the “Crazy Elf Christmas Tree Lot,” where there is more happening than selling Christmas trees. Well, one, cold, winter night Hannah and Norman, the dentist, discover Larry’s dead body in his own comfy home away from home.

I did solve the mystery but that is really ok with me. I don’t mind solving mysteries at all. I give this cozy read 3 stars!

November2015 003

“Rancher for the Holidays,” by Myra Johnson

Ben Fisher was “downsized” from his dream job. His aunt and uncle invited him to stay with them on their ranch in Alpine, Texas. Ben is searching for a new job and is ready to hit the road as soon as he finds one.

Marley Sanders is a photographer, trying to keep her business going so she doesn’t need to ask her political minded father for financial assistance. Marley loves Alpine and never wants to leave.

There were so many things I liked about this book. I liked Marley. Photography is such a wonderful profession and I enjoyed reading about her talent in photography. She was a creative person and loves the people of Alpine. She’s involved in a wonderful outreach in a border town and – with the help of others – does so much for the people of this needy community.

Ben is a good guy. He seems a litlle lost and his ego is bruised from loosing his job. He does so much to help Marley and doesn’t hesitate to assist where help is needed.

It seems strange, but I couldn’t connect with Marley and Ben at all. I couldn’t “get into” their characters or the story. It has a sweet ending as most “Love Inspired” romances do, but this one just wasn’t for me – I guess. 3 stars.

Both photos are My Awesome Photography. If you are curious, that is Walter the Bear holding both of the books! 🙂





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