Scandal Above Stairs by Jennifer Ashley


It all started when valuable paintings disappeared from the home of a baronet and his wife is blamed! Lady Cynthia asks Kat Holloway, the cook, to investigate the missing artwork. Antiquities and artifacts have been disappearing also. Then! An unidentified man is discovered dead in a seedy pawn shop, obviously murder! Is the murder somehow connected to the missing art, antiquities and artifacts?

Whoa! Pump on the brakes readers! Kat Holloway is one busy cook. She meets herself coming and going! She’s creating tasty meals for the family she works for while training a new assistant. She’s respected, dependable, likable and her friends are concerned for her safety. She tends to tread into dangerous situations. But, I should say, there are several great characters in this story. My favorites were Tess, Kat’s assistant in the kitchen and soon becomes her loyal friend. Lady Cynthia, she runs around in men’s trousers and frequents men’s establishments ~ shocking, I know! And! Mr. Thanos. He is smitten with Lady Cynthia! He’s intelligent and very interesting. And then, Kat Holloway and the somewhat mysterious Daniel! All of these characters together make for a good read!

When all is revealed at the end, I was surprised at the identity of that nefarious person. Wow! I didn’t solve that mystery! 4 **** stars!

This is the second book in the Below Stairs Mystery or Kat Holloway Mystery. I plan to read the first book, Death Below Stairs.

A BIG THANK-YOU to Berkley Prime Crime for sending this book to me. It came right to my door! Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


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