May Blabberings ~

Hello Peoples! It’s been rainy and chilly here. Thursday evening we had visitors with lasagna! Yummy! It’s very tasty lasagna too. Rick made a salad and we had Italian bread. A feast! šŸ„—šŸ„–

What I’m Reading ~


Hunter’s Green by Phyllis A. Whitney

I should finish reading it today. šŸ“š

Your Favorites At The Cottage In May ~

May 11, 2021 ~ Top Ten Tuesday, Books With Nature On The Cover

May 11, 2021 ~ Sigh

May 24, 2021 ~ Doctor

So! What are you doing this weekend??? I’m sitting in a chair, with my leg propped up, reading a book.

Favorite Book In May ~

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Amanda by Sarah Monzon

It is so difficult choosing a favorite read. But, I laughed out loud and I cried. I read excerpts to Rick. An enjoyable read!

Have an enjoyable weekend!

Much love ~


An after thought ~ I haven’t been to a bookstore in three weeks! šŸ˜²


3 thoughts on “May Blabberings ~

  1. Have a good weekend! Iā€™m going to get flowers to plant at the cemeteries

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  2. Sounds like a great weekend! We will be picking up our son and daughter-in-law from the airport. They are returning from their honeymoon šŸ˜. Our youngest son left today to return to his home. So, I think we will be recovering from all of the festivities and visiting. It was all so wonderful, but now I need some quiet and a book.

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