Hello Peoples! Rick and I just returned from the grocery store. This particular store I don’t care for, it’s crowded and always COLD. Really cold. Extremely cold. Absolutely cold. I could get hypothermia buying food at this grocery store! I bundle up in my winter clothes whenever I shop there. Brrr. I am thankful I am at home now. I can warm up with a cuppa.

I walked to the bakery! YAY! It was the first time I have walked to the bakery since I broke my poor, pitiful knee in May! I had a nice walk. And! When I arrived at the bakery, I savored a steamy, hot, decadent chocolate. I also starting reading Shirley by Charlotte Bronte.

How is your Sunday?

Much love ~



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  1. I am always cold in the grocery store too. I don’t understand why it is so cold, even in the non refrigerated sections. I bet that hot chocolate hit the spot! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Shirley, I’ve never read it.

  2. So glad you are walking well again.
    I know what you mean about the grocery stores, brrrrrrr!!! I’m sure the chocolate was just what you needed, as are all things chocolate!

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